Board of Trustees

The All Saints Board of Trustees consists of 15 members, each of whom is elected for a term of three years. A majority of the members of the Board of Trustees are communicants in good standing of the Episcopal Church. Board members govern in partnership with the Head of School and their duties include ensuring financial stability, driving appropriate advancement, and maintaining the mission and philosophy of the school, along with additional duties as needed.

2016-2017 All Saints Episcopal School Board of Trustees

  • Mrs. Paula Key
    Mrs. Paula Key Chairman
  • Mr. Chris St. Clair
    Mr. Chris St. Clair Vice Chairman
  • Cindy Streit, Ph.D, LCSW
    Cindy Streit, Ph.D, LCSW Secretary
  • Mr. Jason Janes
    Mr. Jason Janes Treasurer
  • Mrs. Stephanie Rogers
    Mrs. Stephanie Rogers Member-at-Large
  • Dr. Keith Brigham
    Dr. Keith Brigham
  • Mrs. Krista Bumstead
    Mrs. Krista Bumstead
  • Mrs. Aurora Farthing
    Mrs. Aurora Farthing
  • Mrs. Caroline Kopp
    Mrs. Caroline Kopp
  • Mr. Zane Mead
    Mr. Zane Mead
  • Mrs. Susannah Mercer
    Mrs. Susannah Mercer
  • Mrs. Susan Pollard
    Mrs. Susan Pollard
  • Dr. Rob Schmid
    Dr. Rob Schmid
  • Dr. Lola Windisch
    Dr. Lola Windisch
  • Mrs. Irma Wisniewski
    Mrs. Irma Wisniewski

Non Voting Ex-Officio Members:

Bruce Latta, Headmaster

The Rev. Paige McKay, Chaplain

The Rev. David Perdue, Rector, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church

The Rt. Rev. Scott Mayer, Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of NW Texas

The Rev. James Paul Haney, V, Rector, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church