All Saints Wins Back to Back Academic Championships!

The high school TAPPS Academics team swept the TAPPS 2A State Academic Competition last week defeating 12 2A teams to win the TAPPS 2A State Academic Championship for the second consecutive year.
All Saints earned 233 points, which is 123 more points than the second place team and the highest score throughout all the divisions 1A – 6A. Shiner’s St. Paul Catholic School finished in second place with 110.5 points followed by Fort Worth Bethesda Christian School with 95 points.
All Saints had 25 students compete in various competitions in English, math, science, social studies, debate and speech, theatre, yearbook, and art. Faculty member Matt Ryan oversaw the academic contests throughout the year. Other faculty coaches included Pam Ryan, JT Seymore, Janet Martin, Melissa Durham, Kelly Beasley, Shane Strawbridge, Victor Munoz, Irma Sizer, and Shelly Smith. Retired teachers Sharon Kingston (All Saints, Coronado) and Linda Gober (Coronado) also worked with the students.
All Saints earned 12 state championships: Yearbook, Speech and Debate, Art, Math, and Science contests. All first place finishes are a state championship.
Yearbook – First Place Team (Campbell Carper, Portia Clary, Emma Condra, Brynlee Dalley, Haley Dickerson, Reagan Hunter, Jayden Johnson, Preslie Tarver, and Reghan Rose.
Speech and Debate Team – First Place Team
Lincoln Douglas Debate – Calvin Carpenter, First Place; Sydney Smith, Second Place; Jacque Hunter, Third Place
Original Oratory – Mattie Matthews, First Place; Campbell Howe, Second Place; Abigail Barritt, Third Place
Persuasive Speaking – Mattie Matthews, First Place; Campbell Howe, Second Place; Ashby Whitaker, Third Place
Duet Acting – Hannah Harvey and Olivia Needham, Second Place
Prose Interpretation – Olivia Needham, Third Place; Jeye Johnson, Eighth Place
Poetry Interpretation – Abigail Barritt, Seventh Place
Solo Acting – Olivia Needham, Third Place
Black & White Drawing – Sara Carothers, First Place
Computer Art – Calista Conklin, Second Place
Printmaking – Jilayne Headrick, Second Place
Communication Design – Matthew Zhang, Fourth Place
Communication Design – Portia Clary, Fifth Place and Sixth Place
Computer Art – Mia Garza, Sixth Place
Number Sense – Rohan Felton, First Place
Calculator – Campbell Howe, Second Place
Math – Rohan Felton, Second Place; Matthew Zhang, Fourth Place
Advanced Math – Logan Caffey, First Place; Campbell Howe, Second Place;
Science – Logan Caffey, First Place; Diego Cervera, Third Place; Campbell Howe, Sixth Place
Top Chemistry Score – Logan Caffey
Top Physics Score – Logan Caffey
Spelling – Matthew Zhang, Second Place; Jameson seal, Third Place; Portia Clary, Fourth Place
Social Studies – Luke D’Alise, Third Place; Curtis Yates, Fourth Place
Literary Criticism – Portia Clary, First Place; Abigail Barritt, Fourth Place; Ashby Whitaker, Eighth Place
Ready Writing – Leah Vinson, Eighth Place
Current Events – Ashby Whitaker, Fifth Place; Matthew Zhang, Eighth Place
Spanish – Diego Cervera, Second Place; Sofia Dominguez, Fifth Place; Matthew Zhang, Seventh Place
Students participating in the state contests include:
Freshmen – Hannah Harvey, Sydney Smith
Sophomores – Luke D’Alise, Calvin Carpenter, Sofia Dominguez, Rohan Felton, Jacque Hunter, Jeye Johnson, Olivia Needham, Ella Scolaro, Jameson Seal, Matthew Zhang
Juniors – Abigail Barritt, Natalie Caswell, Diego Cervera, Portia Clary, Grant Durbin, Campbell Howe, Mattie Matthews, Joseph Paone, Curtis Yates
Seniors – Logan Caffey, Mia Garza, Alex Mercer, Ashby Whitaker