Welcome:  Bruce Latta, Head of School

Homily:  Rev. Paige McKay, Chaplain

A Special Message From Your Grandchild or Special Friend (Preschool – Fourth Grade)

Locate your grandchild or special friend’s teacher or grade level, click the link and look for your grandchild or special friend’s video made especially for you!

Mrs. Cannon & Mrs. Robertson (Preschool):  https://flipgrid.com/d6bafc58

Mrs. Ricks (Preschool):  https://flipgrid.com/5f64da21

Mrs. Copenhaver (PreKindergarten):  https://flipgrid.com/2f4378ef

Mrs. Voigt (PreKindergarten):  https://flipgrid.com/5654f7d9

Mrs. Shepherd (PreKindergarten):  https://flipgrid.com/a6d97548

Mrs. Philips (Kindergarten):  https://flipgrid.com/793e6228

Mrs. Swett (Kindergarten):  https://flipgrid.com/f41fa8b5

Mrs. Dorrington (Kindergarten):  https://flipgrid.com/3405192f

Mrs. Heinrich (Kindergarten):  https://flipgrid.com/0f13be91

First Grade:  https://flipgrid.com/f69ee355

Second Grade:  https://flipgrid.com/f3a534b6

Third Grade:  https://flipgrid.com/92d2f213

Fourth Grade:  https://flipgrid.com/4bb18ec1

Musical Offerings From Our Students

Preschool & PreKindergarten

Kindergarten & First Grade

Second Grade – Mrs. Kitchens

Second Grade – Mrs. Mellinger

Second Grade – Mr. Seymore

Third Grade – Ms. Heinrich

Third Grade – Mrs. Teakell

Third Grade – Mrs. Turner

Fourth Grade – 4A

Fourth Grade – 4B

Fourth Grade – 4C

Band & Choir (Fourth Grade – High School):

Beginning Band:  Fourth Grade

Red Band:  Fifth – Sixth Grades

Blue Band:  Seventh – Eighth Grades

Middle School Choir:  Fifth – Eighth Grades

High School Band:

Orchestra (Third Grade – High School):

String Orchestra:  Fifth Grade – High School

String Orchestra:  Seventh – High School

String Orchestra:  Seventh Grade – High School

String Orchestra:  High School

Orchestra:  High School

String Orchestra:  Third – Eighth Grades