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Join us for Chapel every Monday through Friday at 8 a.m. on the School’s Facebook page. The link is .

We are a community of God at All Saints and God has knit us together as a family.  We gather in His name as that community.  Chapel is a special time at All Saints, and we look forward to continuing to pray and come together as a community during these unprecedented times.

Chaplain Paige McKay may be reached at

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Daily chapel features prayers from the Book of Common Prayer, beginning on page 80.

Friday, September 18

Thursday, September 17:  Chapel


Monday, August 31:  Chapel
Friday, August 28:  Chapel
Thursday, August 27:  Chapel
Wednesday, August 26:  Chapel
Tuesday, August 25:  Chapel
Monday, August 24:  Chapel
Friday, August 21:  Chapel
Thursday, August 20: Chapel
Thursday, August 13-Wednesday, August 19:  No Chapel Due to Inservice & School Preparation for Teachers & Staff
Wednesday, August 12:  Chapel
Tuesday, August 11:  Chapel
Monday, August 10:  Chapel is on your own.  The reading for today is from John 3:1-21 and the Psalm is Psalm 89.
Friday, August 7:  Chapel
Thursday, August 6:  Chapel
Wednesday, August 5:  Chapel
Tuesday, August 4:  Chapel
Monday, August 3:  Chapel on Your Own Due to Technical Difficulties


Friday, July 31: Morning Chapel is on your own. The readings are Matthew 28:1-10 and Psalm 69.
Thursday, July 30:  Chapel
Wednesday, July 29:  Chapel
Tuesday, July 28:  Chapel
Monday, July 27:  Morning Chapel is on your own due to WIFI technical issues.
Friday, July 24:  Morning Chapel is on your own.
Thursday, July 23:  Chapel
Wednesday, July 22:  Chapel
Tuesday, July 21:  Chapel
Monday, July 20:  Chapel
Friday, July 17:  Chapel
Thursday, July 16:  Chapel
Wednesday, July 15:  Chapel
Tuesday, July 14:  Chapel
Monday, July 13:  Chapel
Friday, July 10:  Chapel
Thursday, July 9:  Morning Chapel is on your own. For your consideration, a reading from the Gospel of Matthew (Matthew 26:1-16) and Psalm 37:1-18.
Wednesday, July 8:  Chapel
Tuesday, July 7:  Chapel
Monday, July 6:  Chapel
Friday, July 3:  No Chapel, Happy 4th of July
Thursday, July 2:  Chapel
Wednesday, July 1:  Chapel