High School Enrichment and Academic Competitions

Enrichment classes provide a change of pace, with opportunities for students and faculty to collaborate in refreshingly new situations.  Each quarter provides new course learning opportunities.  The 2018-2019 first quarter brought college application and essay writing for seniors, PSAT prep for juniors, personal finance and chemistry tutorials for sophomores, and an introduction to high school for freshman.   Students select certain topics of interest for the 2nd and 3rd quarters.  Possible enrichment courses include Country Western Dancing, Current Events, Creative Writing, First Tech Challenge, Literary Criticism, Speech, Corn Hole, Spelling, Vocabulary, Sewing, Mandarin Chinese (taught by an All Saints parent), Ocean Bowl, Disc Golf, and Introduction to Flight (taught by an All Saints parent).

Academic Competitions (click on each subject to learn competition details)

Students can choose to participate in Number Sense, Calculator, Math, Science, Spelling and Vocabulary, Literary Criticism, Social Studies, and Current Events.  Students can win ribbons, medals, and scholarships by performing well at local competitions held at TTU and virtual meets at our school.   For more info contact Mr. Ryan (mryan@allsaintsschool.org).

Disc Golf:  The Sport of the Future!

Students learn throwing techniques, putting, scoring and rules, tournament play, doubles and much more.