Your Child's Future Looks Bright at All Saints​
Your Child's Future Looks Bright at All Saints​
Your Child's Future Looks Bright at All Saints​
Your Child's Future Looks Bright at All Saints​

All Saints Episcopal School creates the next generation of leaders, innovators, and adventurers to make a difference in the world.

Patriot Learning Center

Preschool - Pre-Kindergarten

Encouraging a Love of Learning

Our Patriot Learning Center is a safe, nurturing environment that develops a curiosity to learn, a positive self-image, and promotes social, emotional, and cognitive growth.

Lower School

Kindergarten - Fourth Grade

Building a Firm Foundation

Through a wide array of diverse programs in Kindergarten-Fourth Grade, we empower all students to embrace their learning styles in an inclusive curriculum that builds a firm foundation for success.

Middle School

Fifth - Eighth Grade

Exploring New Opportunities

Our vision for Middle School is to forge strong, positive connections with students so they can achieve independence, build confidence, and gain academic knowledge.

Upper School

Ninth - Twelfth Grade

Cultivating Life-Long Learners

We strive to prepare all our High School students to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens ready to meet the challenges of the future.

Building on

Mind, Body, & Spirit


of middle school students participate in athletics


of high school students participate in athletics


in scholarship offers since 2016

2,443 hours

of service for the graduating Class of 2019


College Acceptance

From Here...


Our extraordinary graduates are leaders, innovators, and adventurers and possess the skills and commitment to make a difference in the world.

“All Saints is a community. We care for one another. We know one another. We strengthen & cheer for one another. That’s why we love All Saints.”

Krista and Matt Bumstead

Parents of one current Patriot student and two Patriot graduates



We are on a mission to provide a safe and supportive learning environment that challenges and enhances the mind, enables growth and development, and produces life-long, confident learners to succeed as intellectual contributors to the wonderous world we live in.



We know that not only the mind needs to be challenged but also the body. Physical activity improves the student’s ability academically and creates an understanding for teamwork, unity, and commitment. At All Saints Episcopal School, we provide a wide-range of athletic programs for students to pursue as well as achieve their athletic dreams.



As God was creative and speaks through His creation, we see value in expressing oneself through art. Our school has created programs to allow students to explore their imagination, cultivate their artistry, and connect with others, the world, and God through art.



God has called us all to serve. Here at All Saints Episcopal School, we provide age-appropriate service opportunities to participate in enriching the community. These programs encourage students that every act of service - no matter how small - makes an impact in our community which then affects the state, our nation, and then the world.



Our commitment to daily worship allows our students and staff to bring God first and at the center of all that they do. During these times at chapel, we grow our faith by praying, reading lessons from the Bible, and sharing reflections. It is important to us to nurture the students’ spirit and enrich their faith to be resilient as they walk this earth.



All students, families, faculty, and staff know we are one body and one school created in the image of God regardless of our differences. We are a community of faith that knows each other and loves each other.



You make
a Difference

We are extremely fortunate to have a strong, active community of faculty, parents, trustees, and alumni who volunteer their time and invest in our efforts to enhance and enrich the experience of our students.

Through the generous support and involvement of our school community, funds generated are used to sustain the school's commitment to providing each student with the highest quality education possible while keeping tuition affordable. We are deeply grateful for your investment in All Saints Episcopal School.

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