The All Saints athletics program is grounded in teamwork, leadership, and sportsmanship. These three ingredients are important to each Patriot team.

Healthy Competition

All Saints Episcopal School strives to have an athletic program that encourages sound minds, bodies, and spirits. Sportsmanship is an extremely important aspect of every Patriot team, and athletes are encouraged to be mindful of their opponents and themselves during each event.

Physical Fitness

P.E. is part of the curriculum at All Saints for Kindergarten through middle school. In P.E., students participate in a variety of games and activities designed to keep them moving and stimulate their minds.

Students who choose not to participate in a particular sport in middle school instead go to a physical fitness class rather than competitive athletics. Activities include aerobics, yoga, dancing, weight-lifting, and many other forms of cardiovascular and weight bearing exercises.

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Sports Ticker

The boys go to 24-2 (6-1) with a 65-28 win over Christ the King tonight. We’ll next host Southcrest on Tuesday night. @HubCityPrepsLBK @RandyRosetta @LoneStarVarsity @arielle_schafer @pchristy11 @LSCSN #asespride

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