Fine Arts

At All Saints, Fine Arts including music, visual arts, and theatre are an integral component in the education of our students. Opportunities for artistic output stimulate self-expression and creativity, allowing for improvement in each student’s education. We believe in developing the whole child and there is no shortage of scientific studies that highlight the importance of the arts in education. According to the National Association of State Arts Agencies a quality fine arts program provides many students with:

  • Opportunities to acquire basic skills in kinesthetic, musical, spatial, and visual intelligence.
  • A better understanding of and marked improvement in educational concepts that include reading, language arts, science, and math.
  • Valued higher-order and creative thinking skills such as memory, various forms of communication, and the ability to compare and contrast, group and label, explain cause and effect, assess significance, make predictions, and frame and test hypotheses.
  • Improved self-concepts and self-actualization, and an improved attitude towards school. As a result, improved school attendance.
  • Considerably higher SAT scores.
  • Higher success rates in college as measured by test scores and attendance. College entry rates are higher and drop-out rates are lower in Texas schools with a strong fine arts program.
  • Improved technology and multimedia production skills.

At All Saints, fine arts courses are offered in several areas:

General Music beginning in Preschool

Visual Arts beginning in Preschool

Theatre beginning in Kindergarten

Orchestra beginning in Third grade

Band beginning in Fourth grade

Choir beginning in Fifth grade