Art Program

The All Saints Art Program provides the student with learning opportunities to work in a variety of materials. The curriculum helps the student develop artistic skills, confidence and exploration while making art. The Art Program follows the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. By the end of the fourth year, students will have created a wide variety of projects and learned about nearly forty different artists, movements, or cultures.

*The music accompaniment in the Kindergarten and Lower School art videos showcased below are performances by our All Saints Orchestra and Band students.  Enjoy these beautiful works of art created by our talented students.

Kindergarten Art
In Kindergarten, students explore different types of media and basic skills including making marks, cutting and gluing, how to create based on personal experiences and imagination, how to convey ideas and reflect experiences through art, elements of art, sculpture, and viewing/talking about works of art.

Lower School Art
The All Saints art program provides wonderful opportunities for students to learn self-expression in a fun and guided environment.

Each month students explore an artist or art movement while being given the opportunity to create original artwork using a wide variety of materials. Basic instruction includes the elements of art, principles of design, drawing, painting, collage, mixed-media, printmaking, clay, and construction.

Middle School students have the opportunity to serve as junior jurors with the guidance of the art teachers to select the lower school artist-of-the-week. The junior jurors select artwork based on creativity and craftsmanship. The artist-of-the-week is recognized in Chapel and leads the Pledge of Allegiance. Their artwork is on display between the two art studios for the week.

Middle School Art
Art class provides a foundation for elements of art and principles of design. The student will be introduced to different techniques in drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, and installation. There is an emphasis on idea development and problem solving while implementing the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Students will be introduced to contemporary artists in order to explore ideas that support historical and cultural relevance.

High School Art
This class offers the student the opportunity to discover a variety of media, concepts and techniques. The student will review elements of art and principles of design through sequential learning steps in drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture/installation, ceramics and digital media. The curriculum will introduce students to diverse and contemporary artists. This will allow students to understand the cultural and aesthetic relevance of artworks through guided critiques. In classroom, students will explore ideas that will help them become more self-aware and recognize with confidence and optimism their strengths and emotions that influence their artistic expression.

High School Graphic Design and Illustration I
This course provides students with entry- and intermediate-level training in computer graphics and design. Students learn basic computer operation terminology; peripheral systems use for capturing and constructing images and output and file management/integration. The creative and technical processes for project management are taught with emphasis placed on concept-to-completion planning. Instruction includes typography, design elements, and color management. Students learn the fundamentals of Adobe software (the industry standard), covering page layout, illustration, photo manipulation, and scanning.