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Did you know…we have 20 All Saints Patriots students and two Patriot parents participating in Ballet Lubbock’s production of The Nutcracker this year?
These dancers (ranging from grades 1 through 12) have spent countless hours in ballet class and extra rehearsals to prepare for this iconic holiday show. Cast selections, costume fittings, and rehearsals began in September and are held throughout the week and every Saturday. We are especially proud that three of our high school students, Abigail Jordan, Alex Mercer, and Reagan Hunter, are performing in major roles this year. Whether it’s the comedy of giant Mother Ginger, the suspense of the battle scene, or the beauty of classical ballet, this show has something for everyone! The Nutcracker runs from December 13-December 16, and tickets can be purchased through Select-a-Seat or through This show typically sells out so get your tickets soon. To make sure you get to see your favorite All Saints dancer, please refer to the list below for casts and show times.

Camille Jimenez, Analise Liu, and Ella Smith (Village Children, Cast A)
Caroline Brooks (Village Child, Cast B)
Amelia Anderson and Lily Faye Pearl (Mice, Cast A)
Charlee Jaynes, Ellie Beth Moss, Presley Scolaro, Marsali Soonpaa, and Harris Underwood (Mice, Cast B)
Elizabeth Burrell, Anna Belle Needham, and Audrey Oaks (Polichinelles, All Performances)
Gabrielle Coddingand and Hannah Harvey (Chinese Parasols, Cast A)
Katy Jane St. Clair (Soldier, Cast A and Sheep, All Performances)
Reagan Hunter (Snow Maiden, Festival Candy Cane Attendant, Flower – All Performances)
Alex Mercer (Ballerina Doll – Cast B; Snow Maiden, Spanish Corps, Flower – All Performances)
Abigail Jordan (Candy Cane Doll, Demi-Soloist for Snow, Rose – All Performances)

*Cast A performs Thursday night, Saturday night, and Sunday matinee
*Cast B performs Friday night and Saturday matinee

All Saints Dad Dustin Brooks will be playing Mother Ginger on Saturday for the matinee, and All Saints Mom Claire Leavell will be playing other Ginger on Saturday night.