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As our Community Service Project this year, the 6th Graders at All Saints Middle School chose to build their versions of Little Free Libraries. Several parents of the 6th Graders reached out to the community of Lubbock to see if this project would fill a need in our city. The response was amazing! We have five requests within the city for the Little Libraries that we will be filling this year.

At first, our process began slowly. We donated books and received book donations to assure we could stock the libraries when they were finished. Parents contributed, and 6th graders sold pickles, pixie sticks, and pickle pops to raise funds for the project. The entire first semester was dedicated to book and fund collection.

Finally, on January 21, we had our first actual build. About 15 students, parents and teachers were involved. At the end of the three hours, we had three libraries cutout and the largest portion of each one built. The only things lacking in the building process are the doors and roofing. Two additional libraries are being built by two 6th grade students and their families. These will be donated to our total to complete the five we need to fill requests. Our next build will be in February. March will be the month for painting, staining, and decorating the insides and exteriors of the libraries. In April, our plans are to place all five libraries in their dedicated locations. These libraries will also be registered with .  This website is the official worldwide map of Little Free Libraries.

We have worked hard thus far, but this is not a onetime project. If all the books are gone, we have to replenish them; if a library is damaged, we will need to repair it. This project is a commitment we all have to make, but it is one we are ALL willing to do.

If you would like to make a monetary donation or a donation of books to our Little Free Libraries program, please contact Mrs. Cooper @

Written by:  Campbell Howe (6) and Chloe Conover (6)