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PSIA State Meet Results

The Private Schools Interscholastic Association is a Texas statewide organization that sponsors academic and fine arts competition in 18 events for students in grades 1-8. On May 6, 2017 the state PSIA meet was held at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. All Saints put forth a team of 36 students who competed in 54 events.

The elementary division consisted of grades 1st-5th grade.  With 3 State Champions, 5 medals, and 11 top 6 places, a total of 90.5 points, the All Saints Patriots earned the 2017 Texas PSIA Elementary State Championship team.  

First Grade

Anna Belle Needham Storytelling – 1st place (gold medal) State Champion

Second Grade

Breanna Simons          Creative Writing

Jacob Moss                  Storytelling
Third Grade

Anna Lipe                    Spelling – 5th place

Nate Bumstead           Music Memory – 1st place (gold medal) State Champion

Octavio Cervera          Mathematics

Reya Felton                 Spelling

Fourth Grade

Calista Conklin            Prose Interpretation

Ethan Min                      Mathematics

Hanna Harvey             Maps, Graphs, & Charts

Jess Gaines                    Ready Writing, Mathematics, Number Sense – 6th place, Spelling – 4th place

Noah Garcia                  Number Sense

Reese Wolfe                   Maps, Graphs, & Charts

Fifth Grade

Brooke Payne                 Listening Skills – 5th place, Prose Interpretation –  2nd place (silver medal)

Jeye Johnson                  Listening Skills – 3rd place (bronze medal)

Kennedy Franklin          Mathematics, Number Sense

Olivia Needham              Impromptu Speaking (7 & 8th), Prose Interpretation 1st place (gold Medal) State Champion

Rohan Felton                   Mathematics – 4th place, Number Sense – 4th place

The Middle School Division of the All Saints PSIA team also had a strong showing. With 4 medals and 9 top 6 finishes, we finished with 80 overall points, a 3rd place finish at state (out of 111 schools).

Sixth Grade

Abigail Barritt             Maps, Graphs, & Charts

Campbell Howe          Ready Writing

Chloe Conover             Ready Writing

Scott Sanford               Dictionary Skills, Spelling, Science – 2nd place (silver medal)

Tanusha Nath              Vocabulary, Spelling, Number Sense, Mathematics – 4th place

Seventh Grade

Ashby Whitaker           Listening Skills

Avery Wisniewski        Science

Grant Cannon              Science

Kevin Beasley              Mathematics, Number Sense – 5th place

Layla Alalawi               On-Site Drawing – 1st place (gold medal) State Champion

Eighth Grade

Alex Bilodeau              Number Sense

Andrew McClure         Science

Ash Bumstead             Mathematics

George Lipe                On-Site Drawing – 4th place

Laura Carothers          On-Site Drawing

Noura Malki                Ready Writing

Sebastian Whitaker     Dictionary Skills, Vocabulary, Listening Skills – 2nd place (silver medal)

Yash Mittal                  Mathematics – 5th place, Science – 5th place , Number Sense – 3rd place (bronze medal)

This success could not have been accomplished without the help and guidance of the following coaches throughout the year: Kendra McCartney, Ann Thompson, Cindy Morris, Karen Gretzler, Becky Addington, Lindy Long, Tiffany Smith, Melinda Gunn, Frank Rendon, Michelle Guerra, Paula Chanda, Irie Price, Nancy Cooper, Dennis Chance, Cathy Smith,  Rhonda Church, Annie Bray-Cox, Kelly Beasley and Vicky Teakell. Thank you all for your support this year.

A very special thank you to the following people who directed, assisted the director, judged, graded, and monitored hallways at the state competition: Wendy Needham, Beckey Lipe, Bob Bilodeau, Christina Barritt, Cindy Morris, Harry Morris, Dana Whitaker, Gabriella Holguin, Jay Conover, Jenni Gaines, Lindy Long, Matt Bumstead, Missy Franklin, Neha Mittal, Rion Sanford, Sara Johnson, Shelli Wolfe, and Steve Beasley. Thank you again for your great assistance.