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All Saints Episcopal School opened school last week to eager students and enthusiastic teachers after a long break. Students were welcomed back to an expanded campus that includes brand new facilities, extensive updates and renovations, and flexible online and on-campus learning options intended to meet families’ unique needs. The extensive improvements will add value to the students’ educational experience.

The new Suzan Collins Headrick Center houses a robotics lab, science lab, three classrooms, and an administrative office. Highlights to the new building include an indoor live plant wall, outdoor learning spaces, and a main corridor built as a tornado safe area with hurricane doors and reinforced walls. The Headrick Center is connected to the existing Middle School building and will house middle school classes, but the robotics lab will be used by students in all grade levels.

The existing Middle School building has undergone an update with new paint and new carpeting throughout. Jones Gym, which is located within the Middle School facility, also received new energy-saving LED lighting. The school bookstore was relocated to the Middle School building.

In the Lower School, the Third and Fourth Grade Arcade and classrooms are completing the first phase of the renovation that includes the expansion of a classroom and the painting of walls and lockers.  New carpet will also be installed soon.

The school continues to invest in technology to support student learning. New fiber optic wiring has been installed throughout the Lower School, Patriot Learning Center, Middle School, and the Headrick Center to make internet connections quicker and with fewer interruptions. All Saints also upgraded its service to a dedicated internet line that will guarantee bandwidth because the school will not be sharing the pipeline with other businesses and homes in the area.

All Saints is providing synchronous learning for all grade levels.  Classes will be broadcast in real time and recorded for future reference. Students who want a second chance to review the day’s lesson or who were absent can catch up. Approximately12 percent of the school’s student population will participate in online school.  Families have the option to transition to in-person or online classes at any time depending on their family’s current needs.

All Saints is committed to providing a safe environment for all students and staff.  The Reopening Plan posted on the school’s website ( is based on guidelines issued by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Texas Education Agency (TEA), and state and local health departments. Please refer to the Reopening Plan for more information regarding the policies set by All Saints.

Along with the Reopening Plan, a series of informative and fun educational videos have been created explaining the school’s safety protocols.  The videos are aimed at the students but provide insight for parents as well. The videos can be accessed at the following addresses:

Social Distancing:

Drop Off Procedures (Preschool – Eighth Grade:

Five Steps to Clean Hands:

Face Coverings: