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Happy State Bank matched the funds donated by All Saints Episcopal School students and faculty in the school’s first ever Halloween Costume Contest benefitting the Lubbock Chapter of the American Red Cross.  A formal check presentation was made during the school’s Chapel service on Friday morning by All Saints Student Council officers and Happy State Bank officials to members of the local Red Cross.

The group presented the Lubbock Chapter of the American Red Cross a check for $5,200 at the conclusion of the school’s Chapel Service at approximately 8:30 a.m. on Friday, November 9 in Jones Gym, 3222 103rd Street.  All Saints raised $2,600 from donations for the school’s first Halloween Costume Contest.  Happy State Bank matched the school’s donation with their own $2,600 donation.

Deborah Finlayson, Executive Director of the American Red Cross – Texas South Plains Chapter, Kristi Gonzales – American Red Cross South Plains Chapter Board President, Al Roberts – Vice Chair, Juanita Arozla, Monica Tracey, Brad Larson and Ready the Red Cross Rescue Dog accepted the check on behalf of the local chapter of the American Red Cross from All Saints Middle School Student Council officers.

Peter Smith, Senior Vice President of Happy State Bank, Craig Wells – Vice President of Happy Bank State Bank, and Clay Mercer – Senior Vice President of Happy State Bank attended the presentation and said they were proud to partner with All Saints to present the Red Cross donation. Mercer said the Bank’s involvement in the project stemmed from an All Saints email he received as a school parent about the school’s Halloween costume contest and the students’ desire to donate to the Red Cross.  He said that motivated him to encourage other Happy State Bank officers to join the school’s fundraising efforts.