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All Saints PSIA Teams Receive Trophies in Both Middle School and Elementary Divisions

The Private Schools Interscholastic Association is a Texas statewide organization that sponsors academic and fine arts competition in 19 events for students in grades 1-8. More than two hundred schools throughout Texas participate annually in the PSIA competition. On Saturday, May 4, 2019 at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, All Saints, with a team of 27 students competing in 45 events, placed 3rd in the elementary division. The middle school division placed 1st and claimed its first State title.

Our success could not have been accomplished without the help and guidance of the following coaches throughout the year: Michelle Guerra, Cindy Morris, Karen Gretzler, Annie Bray-Cox, Becky Addington, Greg Hutchinson, Melinda Gunn, Courtney Terral, Missy Franklin, Irma Sizer, Paula Chanda, Nancy Cooper, Julie Gore, Dennis Chance, Cathy Smith, Vicky Teakell, and JT Seymore.

A very special thank you to the following parents and teachers who directed, assisted the director, judged, graded, and monitored hallways at the state meet:  Beckey Lipe, Camie Wade, Christina Barritt, Cindy Morris, Gabriela Cervera, Jana Hair, Kathleen Burrell, Libby White, Matt Bumstead, Missy Franklin, Priya Gill, Rion Sanford, Rob Gaines, Sara Johnson, Shaili Felton, and Wendy Needham.

Individual Results by Grade Level:

Second Grade

Penelope Fuller:  Creative Writing (10th)

Berklie Wade:  Spelling

Third Grade

Anna Belle Needham:  Storytelling (3rd – Bronze Medal)

Gurvir Gill:  Spelling (1st – Gold Medal)  & Mathematics (1st – Gold Medal)

Nanaki Dhaliwal:  Ready Writing (5th) & Mathematics

Fourth Grade

Jacob Moss:  Number Sense (10th)

Piper Whittenburg:  Spelling (5th), Music Memory (3rd), Dictionary Skills (6th), Listening Skills

Sami Martinelli:  Ready Writing


Fifth Grade

Anna Lipe:  Spelling (7th), Prose Interpretation (2nd – Silver Medal), Maps, Graphs, & Charts

Deklan White:  Maps, Graphs, & Charts (9th)

Ella Helton:  Number Sense (10th)

Harper Burrell:  Art Memory (7th)

Nate Bumstead:  Music Memory (1st – Gold Medal/Perfect Score)

Octavio Cervera:  Mathematics (10th)

Sixth Grade

Calista Conklin:  Prose Interpretation (4th)

Ethan Min:  Number Sense & Mathematics

Hannah Harvey:  On-Site Drawing

Jess Gaines:  Number Sense (4th), Spelling (2nd– Silver Medal) & Mathematics (4th)

Noah Garcia:  Number Sense (10th)

Seventh Grade

Jeye Johnson:  Vocabulary & Listening Skills (4th)

Kennedy Franklin:  Number Sense (9th) & Mathematics

Olivia Needham:  Prose Interpretation &  Impromptu Speaking (3rd – Bronze Medal)

Rohan Felton:  Number Sense (2nd – Silver Medal) & Mathematics (2nd – Silver Medal)

Trenton Collins:  On-Site Drawing

Eighth Grade

Abigail Barritt:  Ready Writing (7th) & Maps, Graphs, & Charts

Scott Sanford:  Science (1st – Gold Medal) & Dictionary Skills (1st – Gold Medal)

Tanusha Nath:  Number Sense (3rd – Bronze Medal), Spelling & Mathematics (9th)

The final point totals were as follows:

Elementary Division (grades 1-5):
Third Place – 91.5 points

Middle School Division (grades 6-8):

First Place – 117 points – STATE CHAMPIONS