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The All Saints High School Ocean Bowl team placed third February 4 in the Texas A&M Galveston Campus Sea Grant Dolphin Challenge.  The team also earned the Ralph Rayburn Sportsmanship Award.

The Dolphin Challenge Ocean Bowl is a nationally recognized and highly acclaimed high school academic science and technology competition intended to increase knowledge of the ocean among high school students and, ultimately, magnify the public understanding of ocean research. It uses a quiz-bowl format, with lockout buzzers and extended team challenge questions to test students on their knowledge of oceanography. This includes the subjects of biology, chemistry, geology, geography, social science, technology, and physics.

Each year approximately 2,000 students from 300 schools across the nation compete for prizes and a trip to the national competition. Students who participate are eligible to apply for the National Ocean Scholar Program.

All Saints High School science teacher Russell Hutcheson is the team’s coach and Elizabeth McGinnis served as assistant coach. Team members are juniors Tyler Phy, Sajan Dihenia, Mallory Staggs, and John Gamble Streit; sophomores Cole Beasley and Abigael Jordan; and freshman Sam Small.