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August 26, 2020

Table of Contents

– Thank You, Parents, Faculty & Staff
– Celebrating 20 Years
Alma Castro
– Welcome to New Faculty & Staff

– Calendar of Events


– Nurse’s Updates
– Water Bottle Recommendation


– Required Enrollment Forms
– Lunchroom News
– Bookstore News
– Free All Saints Yard Signs
– Would You Like a Gear?
– Library News

– Division Head Update

– Division Head Update

– Division Head Update

– First Day of High School
– Senior Investiture Ceremony
– High School Parent Night

– Cheer Updates & News


There is a tremendous amount of gratitude that needs to be expressed to every member of the All Saints Community, most importantly for your patience and understanding as we all work through the first few weeks of school together.  This includes our students, our parents, and our faculty & staff!

John D. Rockefeller is quoted as saying, “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”  Well, this is a fearless bunch!  The All Saints community is not afraid.  Through these challenges and opportunities, we are showing that we are going for the great!  We are improving our technical skills, we are extending grace, we are patient with each other and we are growing academically & spiritually.  We are doing all of this with a smile on our face (although you might only see the twinkle in our eyes).  We are not afraid to give up the good and move forward to be great together.

Thank you for being a great neighbor, for praying for our school and continuing to help us all move forward!


Senora’ Castro   Then

Senora’ Castro Now

Each year our All Saints family celebrates outstanding tenure of faculty and staff.  This year we are saying Muchas gracious to Senora’ Alma Castro!

Alma is beginning her twentieth year of service to the school.  I’m not sure how she does it, but Alma seems to be immune to the passage of time.  Not only does her picture today look the same as her picture from 20 years ago, but she still begins each day with a great attitude and joy for teaching.

Alma was honored at a faculty in-service meeting earlier this month. She is currently and has been a part of the Lower School faculty teaching Spanish.  Alma is proud Mom to two ASES alumni, Luke and Will.

Thank you Alma for your tireless years of dedicated service to the students and families of All Saints!


Christina Barritt joined the All Saints faculty as a seventh and eighth grade English teacher.  She is a graduate of Texas A&M with a double major in History and English.  Most of her teaching career has been at the middle school level. She has always had a love for good books and a well-wrought sentence.  She is also proud mom to two All Saints Patriots, Abigail and Samuel.

Theresa Bowman is joining the All Saints faculty as a High School Instructional Aide.  She is a past All Saints parent and an avid Patriot volunteer. She studied computer science at South Plains College in Lubbock.  Theresa joins the All Saints faculty with more than 40 years of experience in education most recently with Texas Tech University in the volleyball athletic department. She and her husband, Monty, have cooked lots of wonderful BBQ for our Booster Club to sell in the concession stands.

Katelyn Graham joined the All Saints family with five years of teaching experience.  She attended Texas A&M and studied Agricultural Education.  She is currently teaching fourth grade writing and social studies  She most recently taught in Big Springs and has taught at the middle school and high school level as well. She is full of energy and has a passion for children.  When she is not teaching, she is busy being a mom to three children under the age of four.

Stormi Hancock joins the Nursing Team at All Saints with four years of cardiac telemetry experience on an observation unit as well as experience in medical ICU and cardiac ICU.  She completed her prerequisites in high school for nursing school. She was accepted into the nursing program at 18 years old and graduated with her ADN from Clovis Community College in 2016.  She is currently in school for her BSN at Chamberlain University in Indiana.

Tasha Killeen is new to the All Saints faculty, but not new to the All Saints family. She is a graduate of Texas Christian University with a degree in Movement Science.  She is a current parent and experienced science educator who will be teaching Creative Design (grades 4-8).  Students will have the opportunity to explore the use of robots and other STEM related projects.  Tasha’s approach to the class will be very student-centered by focusing on ideas they want to explore and then guiding them on how to turn their ideas into reality.

Brett Longley joins the All Saints faculty as Facilities Director.  He graduated from Texas Tech University in Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management (RHIM).  Before joining the All Saints team he owned his own general contracting business that included remodeling, facilities maintenance, and purchasing/managing residential rental properties.  He is also the proud father to three All Saints Patriots, Ellie, Asher, and Emmie.

Sky Rojas has joined the All Saints team as a P.E. teacher and MS girls coach.  Sky was born and raised in West Texas and ventured to Colorado for college at the University of Northern Colorado where she received her degree in Sports and Exercise Science.  She is a certified Crossfit trainer and will be bringing new opportunities to our athletic program.  As a personal trainer, Sky has experience in Power Lifting and will be introducing this new sport to our All Saints athletes.

Dr. Neemias Santos is joining All Saints as Orchestra Director.  Neemias was born in Brazil. He performed chamber music, solo and with orchestras in Brazil, Argentina, USA, and Europe. He is an accomplished composer, arranger and conductor. Neemias also works with music and technology, recording and producing. He is currently adjunct faculty at Abilene Christian University.
He holds a DMA degree from Texas Tech University, an MM from Penn State University both in cello performance, and he is now
pursuing a DMA in composition and MM in double bass at Texas Tech. He is married to a flutist, Fabiane Oliveira and has two daughters.

Heather Skinner has turned her passion for volunteering at the school into a full time job.  She was a friendly face in the lunchroom last year as she worked alongside Patrick Rigsby.  This school year she still has that smiling face but will be taking the reins and serving as our Lunchroom Coordinator.  She was born and raised in Lancaster, TX.  She and her husband, Bill, moved to Lubbock two years ago to give their son, Liam, a “small town community with big-town perks.”  Her son Liam is a Patriot and began fifth grade this year.  He is loving middle school.  Heather is “over the moon” excited to be a part of the All Saints faculty and the feeling is mutual.



Shane Strawbridge is a theatre and performance artist who joined the All Saints family as our new theatre teacher.  He has won awards for acting and directing from several arts and media organizations including being named one of Dallas-Fort Worth’s best actors by CBS. Shane’s plays have been produced across the country, garnering awards from numerous institutions including the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. He was recently awarded the Helen DeVitt Jones Excellence in Graduate Teaching Award at Texas Tech University. In addition to his work at All Saints Episcopal School, Shane is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Theatre at Hollins University in Roanoke, VA and a Graduate Instructor at Texas Tech University.

Kinsey Tolley joins the All Saints family as Spirit Squad Sponsor for high school cheer and pom.  After graduating from Texas Tech and getting married (to an All Saints Alum!), Kinsey started two different fashion lines. Once Kinsey had her son Brigham (current All Saints PS student), she changed her focus from fashion to parenting, but also started working at Dance Warehouse Studios (DWS) as an office manager. Being a dancer for 15 years and working at DWS has prepared her well for this new position at All Saints!

Mary Turner is teaching reading and math in third grade.  She is a graduate of Texas Tech University with a degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Generic Special Education.  She continued her education with post graduate work at TTU and obtained a Master of Education in Educational Administration degree from LCU.  She comes to All Saints with more than 30 years of experience in education as a classroom teacher and literacy coach. She has worked for McGraw Hill developing curriculum, served as a state literacy liaison and most recently did contract reading intervention with students in the Lubbock public schools. She has one son and one grandson.

Melodie Voigt has joined the All Saints Patriot Learning Center as a Pre-Kindergarten teacher.  She received her degree from Lubbock Christian University in Education with a minor in English.  A fun fact about Melodie is that she once worked for former US Vice Presidential Candidate, Sarah Palin.   When she is not teaching, she is busy being a mom to five children.

Looking Ahead

 August 26 

6:00-8:00pm:  MS Cheer Practice

 August 27

8:00-9:00am: Senior Investiture Ceremony in Kirby Commons (for Senior Parents Only)

 September 2

6:00-8:00pm: MS Cheer Practice

 September 7

Labor Day Holiday– School Not in Session

Chapel Notes

Our time together for chapel is off to a great start.  We are spending time in Genesis and Creation in all of our chapel services.

We have developed a rotating schedule where each grade level comes to Jones Gym one day a week for in person worship, and remotely via a live stream in the classrooms on the other four days of the week (except for PLC, their services will be in-person daily). The schedule looks like this:

Mondays – First/Second grades
Tuesdays – Third/Fourth grades
Wednesdays – Seventh/Eighth grades
Thursdays – Fifth/Sixth grades
Fridays – PLC

High School is following the same worship schedule they have for the last few years, which is chapel on Mondays and Wednesdays.

As we have done since March, the PLC/LS & MS services will be streamed live for parents to join in worship.

Health and Wellness

Student Health History and Patriot Student OTC Medication Form
Parents, please remember to update and submit your child’s health forms in FACTS.  These forms are part of the enrollment paperwork that has been sent from our Director of Admissions Paige McKay.

Don’t Skip Immunizations & Flu Shots
Make sure your child is up-to-date with all recommended vaccines, including flu. All school-aged children should get an influenza flu vaccine every season, with rare exceptions. This is especially important this year because we do not yet know if being sick with COVID-19 at the same time as the flu will result in more severe illness.

Water Bottle Lid Recommendation
To encourage and support safe refilling stations for water bottles, we suggest parents send their children with removable lids that include the part that they drink from. Here are some examples of bottles with lids that we don’t recommend.  The bottles are fine. The lids are the concern.
Here are some examples of removable lids that we recommend.  The part that the child’s mouth touches is part of the lid and is more sanitary at the filling stations:
Swell bottles with narrow tops can be used.  We recommend a sports cap or a commuter cap.


Google Calendar
When students sign in to their Google account they have access to a personal Google Calendar. Assignments made in Google Classroom appear in their personal Google Calendar. The calendar can be synchronized with other school calendars. For example, go to the school’s web page and open the school calendar. Click the button in the bottom right corner to choose calendars to add and synchronize to the personal calendar. Different calendars can be color-coded using the settings on the left sidebar. 

Google Drive
When students sign in to their Google account they have access to the Google Drive. Google Drive provides cloud storage. Work assigned in Google Classroom is saved in Google Drive in a Classroom folder. Students can add additional folders to organize their work. Students can store any file type in Google Drive: pictures, drawings, videos, and more. If files are saved on one device (laptop), they will automatically be available on other devices (iPad, phone). Remind students to sign out of their Google account if the device is shared with another person to protect their files in Google Drive. Check your app store to download the Google Drive app to personal mobile devices.

All School News

Required Enrollment Forms
Log in to complete/update your student’s mandatory school forms! Forms must be completed by Tuesday, September 1: Contact Lisa Britton @ lbritton@allsaintsschool. org with any questions.

New Lunch Guidelines for 2020-21 School Year
Food will be prepared by vendors who adhere to health and safety guidelines.  Lunches will be delivered to All Saints in individual servings which then will be distributed to students.

Lunches must be ordered through the online system a week ahead of time.

Students and staff may bring their own lunch and snacks. Families are encouraged to use disposable items. This includes lunch bags instead of lunch boxes, etc.

Sharing of food, drink, or utensils are strictly prohibited.

Students who do not have lunch will be provided a packaged lunch (e.g., lunchable) and the family’s account will be charged.

Food Delivery
Having food delivered to campus is not allowed (by vendors, delivery services, or parents). While under normal conditions, we have allowed these services, until the situation concerning COVID-19 changes, our policy has changed.

Parent Lunch with Children
Parents will not be able to eat lunch with their children on campus.

The ability for parents to visit the school and eat lunch with their children on campus is a benefit that families enjoy. Due to the need to restrict visitors on campus, we will have to suspend this practice temporarily until further notice.

Lunch Locations
Lunch will be eaten in classrooms, outside, and common areas to ensure students and faculty can adhere to social distancing guidelines. The schedule for lunch will be adjusted to accommodate the need for social distancing and for students to eat at appropriate times of the day.

Eating spaces will be cleaned after their use.

Students Without Lunch
Students who come to school without food for lunch will be provided an individually wrapped emergency meal.  Parents will be billed separately for the cost of providing a child with an emergency meal.

Microwave Ovens
Lunchroom staff will warm up lunch for students who need this. Students will not be directly handling the microwaves.

Sharing Food
Students will not be allowed to share food.

Ordering Lunches
Enjoy the convenience of online ordering, online payments and the ability to view your student’s account 24/7.

Click Here to Order Lunch Online

2020-2021 Lunch Menu:

  • Chick-Fil-A:  Chick-Fil-A Chicken (fried) or Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Chicken Wrap (Chick-Fil-A Sauce will be Provided)


  • Taco Villa: Bean & Cheese Burrito or Combo Burrito with rice

Wednesday (Flex Day – Offering an Every Other Week Rotation)

  • Chinese Kitchen (New Vendor):  Beef and Broccoli with steamed or fried rice or Sweet and Sour Chicken with steamed or fried rice. Additional side order options are: White Rice, Fried Rice, and Lo Mein
  • Jason’s Deli (New Vendor): Every other month (September & November) Macaroni and Cheese with a fruit cup (strawberry & apple slices).  Baked Potato and Fruit Cup (October & December)

Thursday (Flex Day – Offering an Every Other Week Rotation)

  • BurgerFi (New Vendor) Rotating Each Week – Burger one week (options include hamburger, cheeseburger and lettuce wrap burger) and Hot Dog the next week. Side option is a bag of chips
  • Qdoba (New Vendor):  Rotating Each Month – Nachos one month (choice of beef, chicken or guacamole) and Street Tacos the next month (choice of beef, chicken or beans)


  • Pizza Hut:  Personal size pizzas (choice of beef, cheese, or pepperoni)  Each personal serving has four slices

Drink Options:  Bottled Water or Milk

*All lunches may add any of the following side options:  a variety of chips, popcorn, go gurts, apple sauce & fruit cups

Bookstore News
The school will no longer accept used uniforms.  Please hold on to them.  Bookstore Coordinator Angela Jimenez is working to set up an online trading store.  This is going to be a great tool for all of us to save money and continue to share our gently used uniforms.  Stay tuned for more information in the next couple of weeks.  If you have questions regarding the Bookstore, please contact Angela Jimenez @

Extended Deadline to Order a Gear
Over the summer the gear wall was installed in the new Suzan Collins Headrick Center.  The gears were purchased during the recent campaign to raise funds for the new facility.  Thank you to all those who supported the campaign by purchasing a gear and helping to bring new state of the art facilities to our campus!

Due to campus closure last spring, we are extending the opportunity to purchase gears until Oct. 1.  Please contact Celeste Thompson in the school Advancement Office if you wish to purchase a gear at or (806) 745-7701  Gear information can also be found on the school’s website.

Free All Saints Yard Signs
There are free All Saints Yard signs in the School Office. Please feel free to pick one up.  It’s a great way to promote the school and show your Patriot Pride. Contact Dawndi Higgins at if you have questions.

Library Safety Protocols
With all the changes, there are steps being taken to ensure that the library is a safe and fun place.

Each child will have a designated place to sit in the story area; these spots are six feet apart and six feet from our librarian.  The children will sit on the same spot every time he or she visits.  At the moment there is only one chair at each table, and they all face the same direction with at least six feet between each seat. It’s possible we might be able to divide tables with Plexiglass and perhaps have two chairs at each, but for now, there is one chair at each table.  Spots at the table will also be numbered, and the student will be assigned a number.  That will be their spot every time they visit.  Activities will not involve sharing any supplies or materials.

There are several hand sanitizer stations throughout the library.

The checkout procedure follows new safety protocols too, using no-contact American Library Association guidelines.   We use a scanner and have made a laminated barcoded library card for each child, which Ms. Gretzler will keep.  Two students at a time will browse for a book, and Ms. Gretzler will monitor their contact.  After selection, Ms. Gretzler will scan the card and then the barcode number on the book.   The item will be checked out without contact by our librarian.  When students return books, Ms. Gretzler will scan the barcode number and they will place the book in a box, where it will be quarantined for 72 hours (the current recommendation) before being put back in circulation.

The school and Ms. Gretzler would love for each child to check books out of the library, but we do respect your comfort level.  If you would rather your child not have library books come home, please contact Ms. Gretzler at  Your child’s safety and well-being are most important.

Parent Group Requesting Volunteers for Friday Faculty/Staff Snacks
Parent Group is excited for another wonderful year at All Saints. As in years past, Parent Group would like to provide pre-packaged snacks on Fridays to show parent appreciation and gratitude to the teachers, security officers, and support staff for making ASES such an amazing place for our children.

To help with Friday Snacks, please sign up utilizing the Sign Up Genius link below:

If you’d like to donate funds for snacks, you can Venmo @Dayna-McCutchin and we can take care of the rest. Please note “ASES Friday Snack” in the comment.
Any and all help is appreciated in showing thanks to our amazing staff! Thank you for supporting All Saints Episcopal School!

Patriot Learning Center & Lower School News

Third and Fourth Grade Hallway
We are excited to announce that the lockers have been painted and the new carpet should be coming soon! Stay tuned… details will be shared soon.

Thank You, Parents and Students
The PLC and LS division heads would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of the students and parents for their patience and understanding as we work through all the changes.  We are off to a great start!  Here are a couple of reminders as we move forward.

  • Carpool Lines:  If you have a child in Kindergarten, First or Second, please remember to form two lines during drop off and pick up:  One for Kindergarten and the other for First and Second Grade.
  • Microwave Availability During Lunch:  If you have a child in First or Second Grade, your child will not be eating in Kirby Commons every day.  Please be mindful of the availability of microwaves when planning lunches.
  • Labels are Always Appreciated:  Please remember to label your child’s masks, water bottles and any other item that might easily be lost or misplaced.  When in doubt, write their name on it!  This is a huge help to our teachers.

Middle School

Thank you to our hard-working middle school faculty and students.  We are off to a great start!  We have some exciting news to share!

Living Green Wall

New Trend Takes Root at All Saints 
A new trend that is sprouting up across the globe is adding living green walls to educational spaces.  We are thrilled to share that All Saints has added a Living Green Wall to the new middle school building.  It has been proven that indoor plants improve general health and bring life to educational spaces.  Interacting with the environment is an important part of learning and having this green space for our students (and faculty) is exciting!



High School

Senior Leadership and Planning Event
In preparation for the first day of school activities, seniors met with George Comiskey at 4ORE! Golf and worked together on planning how they would lead high school students on the first day of school.  Seniors worked to formulate their vision and determined certain topics of interest they want to address for the school year.




First Day of School for High School
On August 19, it was a great way to get back together as a student body after being apart from each other for 159 days!  On the first day of school, instead of attending academic classes, students spent the day with George Comiskey and the senior class who welcomed in the new freshman class and the new high school students to All Saints, along with leading the student body through various activities.  Students were able to plan and collaborate among their peers with the vision and goals they hope to accomplish together this year.  At the end of the event, students then met with the faculty and staff and shared their ideas.  In the coming months, planning will continue to help students accomplish many of the goals they set as a high school and as a class.

Senior Investiture Ceremony
On Thursday, August 27, at 8:00am, All Saints will be hosting an Investiture Ceremony for seniors and senior families.  This will be a time to recognize each senior and celebrate their “rising up” as a senior into their leadership role for this school year.  This event will signify the importance of entrusting these seniors with leadership responsibilities for the coming school year and the role they will carry throughout the school as young leaders.

Unfortunately, with the need to adhere to social distancing, only seniors, senior families and high school students will be allowed to attend the ceremony.  However, this special ceremony will be taped and will be able to be shared with all of the All Saints community in the near future.

High School Parent Night
Freshman Parents and Parents of Students New to All Saints:  Wednesday, Sept. 9, from 5:30-7:00pm – Meet in the Commons

High School Parent Night is for all freshman parents and any parent who has a student in grades 10-12 that is new to All Saints.  This is a time for parents to come and follow their student’s schedule, meet their student’s teachers and receive a curriculum overview from teachers and instruction for their class this school year.  This event begins at 5:30pm and will finish around 7:00pm.

Please understand that if you wish to speak to a teacher about your student, this evening may not be the best time to do this due to a tight time schedule.  However, please do not hesitate to email a teacher at any time during the school year with any questions or concerns you might have.  They are also available to meet in person with you, as needed.

For parents of returning students in grades 10-12, please understand that your student’s teachers will be reaching out to you in the near future to provide you with an overview of the class and other pertinent information.

Coaches Corner

Welcome Back, Patriots! 
Your spirit squads have been hard at work on all things Cheer for All Saints. Cheer and Pom camps were so fun and we can’t wait to show you some new things.

We started the summer off with a graduation parade. A BIG thanks to everyone who joined us in supporting our Seniors!

New Faces
We have a couple of new faces to our cheer sponsor/coaching team. Kinsey Tolley will be leading the High School Cheer and Pom squads, and Katelyn Graham will be Leading our Blue Crew! Along with Kinsey and Katelyn, Angie and Dee are back again this year to help build upon all of the excitement and cheer from last year.

We had a blast welcoming back teachers, staff, and administration with a Sunshine Cart during the work week. Thank you all for everything you did to prepare a warm welcome back for our students! (Your faculty and staff are very thankful!)

Tag a Patriot! 
Have you been TAGGED? Would you like to TAG someone? Both of the HS and MS squads have been out every night for the past two weeks tagging unsuspecting yards with a Patriot Head to welcome them back to school. If you would like to join in on the fun please reach out Angie Lane at

Spirit Squad Delivers Masks
During the first week of school Dee and Angie handed out ASP masks to over 100 teachers, staff, admin, and school safety officers. Thank you for helping keep our kids safe and healthy! We will be selling a few ALL SAINTS/ Patriot Masks for those that would like one. Please watch for an order form!

Our Middle School BLUE CREW needs 5th through 8th graders! Watch for more information coming soon from Katelyn.

Our Patriettes are going to look a little different this year. Third and fourth graders wanting to join will have the opportunity to come to camp on the 26th of September. We are moving to this model, instead of Monday afternoons. Please watch for an email coming soon!

Mini Cheer
Mini Cheer! We can’t wait to have some of our tiniest cheerleaders join us again this year. Mini Cheer camp will be September 27th for 1st and 2nd grade. Please watch for an email!

Spoiler Alert
Dee Paone has come up with a fun surprise that will be unveiled sometime in October!  Psst… It’s pretty cool.

We hope you all have a wonderful year full of CHEER!  Angie, Dee, Katelyn & Kinsey

Coaches Corner
All Saints is still planning and working toward safe, fun and competitive seasons for middle school and high school sports this year.  The situation with the COVID pandemic is fluid, and the start dates for practice as well as competitions have been adjusted by the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) for high school and the West Texas Christian Athletic Association (WTCAA) for middle school.

High School Athletics
Currently, all high school sports are working out under TAPPS “summer workout” rules which will remain in effect until the season officially starts on September 7.  The effort and excitement from all of the kids and coaches have been great, as everyone is doing all they can to get back to competing.  Following are the first dates for allowed competitions for high school sports:

Volleyball – Thursday, September 10
Tennis – Thursday, September 10
Cross Country – Thursday, September 10
Football – Thursday, September 24

Middle School
The middle school athletes got started this week and the kids and coaches were fantastic in following the safety protocols and showing great flexibility in doing things a bit differently this year.  Individual sports emails with sport-specific information will be coming to parents of the kids participating in each sport.  Also, please complete and turn in a Medical History Form and Pre-Participation Physical Examination Form as soon as you can.