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December 8, 2021

Table of Contents

– A Letter from Our Head of School
– Endowment Leads to Full Time Chaplain; Building Renovation
– Patriot Volleyball Wins State
– Savage Named Coach of the Year
– One Act Play State Runner Up | Needham Named Best Actress

 – Calendar of Events

– Advent Festival of Lessons and Carols


– Legacy Event News
– Olivia Needham

– Red Kettle Campaign
– Share Your Photos for the LS Yearbook
– Dine Out Program

– ASES Theatre Earns OAP State Runner Up
– Fifteen New Drums

– Advent Projects
– Movement and Mindfulness
– Holiday Traditions Around the World
– Artist of the Week
– Patriot of the Week

– Advent Projects
– MS Cheer Delivers Poinsettias
– Virtual Academic Meet
– MS Coaches Corner

– Division Head Updates
– HS Coaches Corner

A Letter from Our Head of School

To the All Saints Community,

Holiday Greetings from the All Saints faculty and staff!  Thank you to everyone for contributing to a successful first semester of school.  The time has flown by and we are several steps closer to having all the regular activities and events that we love and that make our school so special.

Our students have had a great start to the school year.  Senior Mia Garza was named by The College Board as a scholar in its National Hispanic Recognition Program.  Individual state championships were won by sophomore Olivia Needham in Theater and junior Lee Taylor in Cross Country.  Our high school also won team state championships in Field Band and Volleyball.  One Act Play, Team Tennis, Match-Play Golf and boys’ Cross Country all came away with state runner-up finishes as well.  As a community we were able to enjoy Homecoming, Grandparents and Special Friends Day, Veterans Day Assembly and the first Bushels of Blessings Thanksgiving Feast in Lower School.  It was also great to enjoy our annual Legacy Event in-person this year.  It was a wonderful evening that was once again centered around the generosity of the All Saints community.

The service and generosity of our students have also been on display as All Saints has embraced its annual school-wide support of the United Way campaign and the U Can Share fundraiser.  Each grade has also given time, effort and service through their grade-level advent projects.  

We are looking forward to a great spring semester with a return to the Private School Interscholastic Academic (PSIA) competition for lower school and middle school.  Our middle school will return as the defending PSIA state champions. We have a full schedule of academic, fine art and athletic competitions.  The second semester also brings special events and opportunities for students and families in every grade:  Hall of Presidents, Night at the Museum, Bat Cave, Fiesta, Tricycle Rodeo, along with several school trips and the list goes on! 

Over the holidays I hope that we all gain perspective on how fortunate we are to be a part of the All Saints family.  We have worked hard together to navigate a challenging two years and we are emerging as a stronger school with renewed academic focus while providing a challenging, fun and rewarding environment for our young people to grow.

Have a wonderful and renewing holiday break and we look forward to seeing everyone at the Festival of Lessons and Carols on December 17th at 10:45 a.m.  Thanks for being a part of the All Saints Family. Get some rest and buckle up. The spring is going to be fast, furious and a fun ride. 

With Patriot Pride,

Robert Brashear


Endowment Leads to Full Time Chaplain; Building Updates

The $1.25 million anonymous donation for the Chaplaincy Endowment awarded to All Saints earlier this semester has opened several doors enabling needed upgrades to be made to the school.

“We will be the only private school in Lubbock with a full-time Chaplain, and the addition of enhanced pastoral care to our entire All Saints community will benefit students, faculty and staff, and all of our families,” Head of School Robert Brashear said.  “The timing for this opportunity could not be better as we are faced with so many challenges in our society that affect young people and families.”

Brashear said the school will benefit greatly with the addition of full-time chaplain because it will allow three key areas that will benefit the school community: better establish and grow the school’s religious educational opportunities; continue to grow and develop the school’s community outreach and service opportunities; and establish a pastoral care center that will minister to the entire All Saints community – students, faculty, and families.

The building upgrades include a complete modernization and refurbishment of the library, a Pastoral Care Center including the Chaplain’s office to be built in the library, and updates to the Patriot Learning Center (PLC) classrooms including fresh paint, new flooring, and new ceilings.

“It is the endowment that is allowing us to seamlessly make this transition now,” Brashear said.

Chaplain Paige McKay currently serves dual roles as Chaplain and the school’s Director of Admissions.  McKay will begin her role as full-time chaplain on August 1, 2022.  Next semester she will train the new Marketing /Admissions Director who will move into McKay’s office once the new Chaplain’s office is ready in the library.

“Having a location more central on campus will position me even better to serve our students,” McKay said. “Fifty acres makes for a large territory – the library is a central hub for many of our students.  The library is a beacon for knowledge, peace and growth.  What better place for pastoral care to be nurtured?”

McKay said she has never considered her 14-year role as chaplain to be a part-time position.

“I’ve been blessed to serve this school family for over a decade.  While I have never considered my chaplaincy part time, the endowment provides an incredible opportunity,” she said. “Families today face challenges on all fronts. Fostering spiritual relationships for our school families (students and staff) to rely on in times of need and celebration strengthens their lives as well as the school.  The endowment allows me to be dedicated full time to providing paths for us all to put our faith in action in the world around us.”

Brashear said adding the pastoral care center to the library has developed into an extensive library makeover.

“It will be a complete refurbishment and upgrade of our library to bring it to the level that it can be the center of academic opportunity for all of the students and faculty,” Brashear said. “Modernization and upgrading library facilities is a popular trend in education and the possibilities are endless.”

Some of the highlights of this upgrade include:

  • creation of exciting spaces for group and collaborative work that can be utilized by all ages of students
  • spaces designed for use of technology to aid in research and study
  • and implementation of an online library opening up virtually unlimited access for students and faculty to limitless books, periodicals, and top-level research services.

“The implementation and access to an online library will grow the opportunities for our older students as their education becomes more research based,” Brashear said. “Over the years our library has trended to a space primarily used by younger students.  We will still have books but this upgrade will allow us to add more efficient shelving and storage to purge and update the current books.”

The planned renovations of the library and PLC are estimated to cost approximately $300,000.  A Special Ask was made at the Legacy Event on December 5 for donations to the renovations fund.  A little over $122,000 was raised at the event.  Donations can be made at any time by contacting Celeste Thompson, Director of Advancement:  806-745-7701,, or by donating online at

Brashear and McKay agree the renovations will benefit the entire All Saints community in many different ways.

“The pastoral care center will serve many purposes: a dedicated meeting space for families in need, gathering spot for renewal, a safe place for all to ask questions, and a learning place for Godly Play,” McKay said.  “And as our whole strives to be, a place to grow closer to God.”

Advent Joy

This month Patriot students and families have been involved in community outreach programs.  The Advent season is a time of giving to those less fortunate than ourselves.  Our students are learning and experiencing firsthand the joy of giving.

Organizations that have been remembered through grade level Advent projects include South Plains Food Bank, Lubbock Impact, Morris Safe House, Garrison Institute on Aging, Toys for Tots, Salvation Army, The Haven Animal Care Shelter, Communities in Schools, and local nursing homes.

The need in our community is great and the giving spirit runs deep at All Saints.  A special thank you to everyone who has contributed this holiday season.

Volleyball State Champions

* To read more about our State Volleyball Champions go to the High School Coaches Corner.

Theatre Earns State Runner Up Title; Needham State Best Actress

* To read more about our One Act Play team go to the Fine Arts section.

Calendar of Events

December 9

  • Blue Day
  • 7:45 a.m:  The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign will be collected on campus at three different drop off locations
  • All Day:  HS Basketball @ Whitharral Tournament
  • 8 a.m: In-Person Chapel for Middle School, Jones Gym. Middle School parents may attend chapel with their children.
  • 8 a.m. – 4 p.m:  Legacy Auction Pick-Up: Administration Office

December 10

  • Red Day
  • 7:45 a.m:  The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign will be collecting on campus at three different drop off locations
  • 8 a.m: In-Person Chapel for Patriot Learning Center, Jones Gym. PLC parents may attend chapel with their children. Kindergarten Music Offering in Chapel.
  • ALL DAY: South Plains Food Bank Donation:  Donate $5 to wear sweats or joggers to school
  • 8 a.m. – 4 p.m:  Legacy Auction Pick-Up: Administration Office
  • TBA: High School Basketball @ Whitharral High School Tournament, 201 Second Street, Whitharral
  • 12:30 – 12:50 p.m: Middle School Student Council Elections, Patriot Gym
  • TBA: Middle School Boys Basketball @ All Saints Basketball Tournament, Jones Gym and Patriot Gym

December 11

  • TBA: High School Basketball @ Whitharral High School Tournament, 201 Second Street, Whitharral
  • TBA: Middle School Boys Basketball @ All Saints Basketball Tournament, Jones Gym and Patriot Gym

December 13

  • Blue Day
  • 8 a.m:  In-Person Chapel for Lower School, Jones Gym. Lower School parents may attend chapel with their children.
  • TBA:  Fourth Grade St. Lucia
  • 8 a.m. – 4 p.m:  Legacy Auction Pick-Up: Administration Office
  • 4 – 8 p.m:  Middle School Basketball @ St. Andrews Episcopal School, 1015 South Georgia Street, Amarillo:  4 p.m. 7th Grade Girls / 5 p.m. 7th Grade Boys / 6 p.m. 8th Grade Girls / 7 p.m. 8th Grade Boys

December 14

  • Red Day
  • 8 a.m:  In-Person Chapel for Lower School, Jones Gym. Lower School parents may attend chapel with their children.
  • 8 a.m. – 4 p.m:  Legacy Auction Pick-Up: Administration Office
  • 9 – 11 a.m:  Second Grade Advent Project @ Morris Safe House, 3240 Nightingale Road, Lubbock
  • 4 – 8:30 p.m:  High School Basketball vs. Anton;  Patriot Gym:  4 p.m. JV Girls / 5 p.m. JV Boys / 6 p.m. Varsity Girls / 7 p.m. Varsity Boys

December 15

  • Blue Day
  • 8 a.m: In-Person Chapel for Middle School, Jones Gym. Middle School parents may attend chapel with their children.
  • 8 a.m: Parent Group Meeting, Kirby Commons
  • 8 a.m. – 4 p.m:  Legacy Auction Pick-Up: Administration Office
  • 9 – 10:30 a.m:  Sixth Grade Advent Project for Salvation Army, 1111 16th Street, Lubbock
  • 9 – 10:30 a.m:  Eighth Grade Field Trip, 4501 FM 1749, Lubbock
  • 5 p.m:  Board of Trustees Meeting

December 16

  • Red Day
  • Wear Your Christmas Shirt Day
  • 8 a.m: In-Person Chapel for Middle School, Patriot Gym. Middle School parents may attend chapel with their children.
  • 8 a.m. – 4 p.m:  Last Day for Legacy Auction Pick-Up: Administration Office
  • TBA: Kindergarten “Christmas in Mexico”
  • TBA: High School Boys Basketball @ Sands High School Tournament, 201 First Street, Ackerly
  • 12:30 – 1:30 p.m: Second Grade Yule Goat
  • 1:30 – 2:30 p.m: Second Grade Christmas Party

December 17

  • Blue Day
  • 8 a.m: In-Person Chapel for Patriot Learning Center, Jones Gym. PLC parents may attend chapel with their children. Kindergarten Music Offering in Chapel.
  • Dress Uniform
  • 10:45 a.m. – Noon:  Festival of Lessons and Carols, Patriot Gym
  • School Dismissed at Noon:  Daycare Available
  • End of Grading Period
  • TBA: High School Boys Basketball @ Sands High School Tournament, 201 First Street, Ackerly

December 18

  • TBA: High School Boys Basketball @ Sands High School Tournament, 201 First Street, Ackerly

December 20 – January 4

  • 🎄 School Not in Session ~ Christmas Holiday ❄

December 20

  •   High School Basketball @ Morton, 4 p.m. JV Girls / 5 p.m. JV Boys / 6:30 p.m. Varsity Girls / 8 p.m. Varsity Boys

December 20-22

  • Red Day
  • Childcare Available 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

December 23

  • Childcare Available 7:45 a.m. – 3 p.m.

December 27 – 29

  • Childcare Available 7:45 a.m. – 6 p.m.

December 30

  • Daycare Available 7:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.

January 4

  •  Teacher Professional Development Day
  • 4 – 8:30 p.m:  High School Basketball vs. Petersburg; Patriot Gym:  4 p.m. JV Girls / 5 p.m. Varsity Girls vs. Kress / 6:15 p.m. Varsity Boys vs. Petersburg

January 5

  • Blue Day
  • 7:45 a.m: School Resumes

January 6

  • Red Day
  • 8:00 a.m:  Dress Uniform ~ ✝Ephiphany Eucharist

For the most up to date calendar, go to our school website.

Chapel Notes

The school’s annual Advent Festival of Lessons and Carols is Friday, December 17 at 10:45 am in Patriot Gym. All are invited to attend. This is a celebration of God’s love and grace. It is a worship service that is interspersed with traditional Christmas music. The service provides an opportunity for several students to share familiar passages of holy scripture. And, it gives us all the chance to welcome in the Christmas season as a community at All Saints. The entire school will dismiss from their classroom, at approximately 12:00pm. With all of the offerings within the service, it may run a few minutes long. Please know that all students will be supervised until each is picked up, and that Afternoon Fun is available.

If you ordered a poinsettia from our MS cheer squad, please plan to pick those up immediately following the service.  More information will be sent regarding pick up next week.


Tuesday, December 7 (third)
Readers: Thatcher Jones and Knox Karvas
Acolytes: Isabella Martinez, Maggie McKay, Scarlett Mooty, Luke Moss

Wednesday, December 8 (fifth)
Readers: Amelia Anderson and Cade Brewer
Acolytes: Thomas Meek, Bella Molligan, Ellie Beth Moss, Kirby Riggs

Thursday, December 9 (fifth)
Readers: Londyn Burkholder, Raphael Codding
Acolytes: Knox Rushing, Sophia Scioli, Presley Scolaro, Zoey Scranton

Friday, December 10 (fifth)
Readers: Mark Edwards, Penelope Fuller
Acolytes: Marsali Soonpaa, Lilly Taylor, Caroline Tirey, Harris Underwood

Monday, December 13 (third)
Readers: SJ Kirkpatrick, Ellie Lane, Asher Longley
Acolytes: Danylo Nesterenko, Bentley Nunez, Braxton Piland, Konrad Smith, Roxie Zetzsche

Tuesday, December 14 (third)
Readers: Noemi Galvan and Maggie McKay
Acolytes: Elle Stockdale, Teagan Timberlake, Margaret Tirey, Lucy Winter

Wednesday, December 15 (fifth)
Readers: Cayden Halbrooks, Alisha Haider
Acolytes: Kenedee Valdez, Alejandro Verdugo Reffreger, Berklie Wade, Logan Wolfe

Thursday, December 16 (fifth)
Readers: Quinn Helton, Kagan Hernandez
Acolytes: Amelia Anderson, Cade Brewer, Londyn Burkholder, Raphael Codding


As you plan for the holidays and ponder what to do with your children, why not carve out a movie night to connect with them? Go to the store, grab some popcorn, candy,  pop, and a cozy blanket (Super Walmart shopping style)and enjoy one of the movies from this great list.

Our children need us to spend time with them free of any distractions. Hey! You need to relax as well!


Legacy Event ~ Making Spirits Bright

Many thanks to all those who supported and attended the Legacy Event!  It was wonderful to be together again this year and enjoy great fellowship, food, and holiday fun.  We extend special thanks to our event sponsors ( listed below), the amazing Legacy committee, and all who participated in the raffle, auctions, and special ask.

Not Pictured Stephanie Rogers and Emie Young.

And the Winner is…

Cassandra and Todd Timberlake were the lucky winners of the $20,000 Miller Waldrop shopping spree!  Congratulations to them and happy shopping.  We thank Beckey and Kent Waldrop, owners of the new Miller Waldrop Furniture and Decor for partnering with the school to offer this exciting raffle prize.


Thanks to all who participated in the Legacy auction.  If you received a notification that you were the successful bidder on auction items, please pick up your items from the administrative office between now and the end of the semester next Friday. Remember that next Friday will be a noon dismissal day and the school offices will close for the two week break.

Not sure if you won?  Click the “person” icon in the top right hand corner of your online account.  Select “receipt” to view your purchases.

Legacy 2021

Legacy 2021 Photos

New Project Unveiled at Legacy…

Head of School Robert Brashear shared exciting news with guests at the Legacy Event. The school’s recent endowment gift for the Chaplaincy will enable All Saints to have a full time chaplain, and Rev. Paige McKay will become the school’s full time chaplain next year.  Currently, Paige is a part time chaplain and part time Director of Admissions. In preparation for this transition, the school plans to renovate the library and create a space for a chaplain’s office and pastoral care center.  A new IT office will also be created and the remaining library spaces will be updated.  New learning resources will be added to meet the needs of students at each level.

Additionally, the school plans to update PLC classrooms with new flooring and paint.

Legacy guests responded with enthusiasm to the new project and pledged a total of $122,000 to allow the plans to move forward.  We invite everyone in our school community to join these supporters to help raise the remaining funds that are needed.  The total cost of the project is approximately $300,000.

* Please contact Celeste Thompson in the Office of Advancement to make a gift or use the Legacy Event website through the end of December.  Gifts of all sizes are welcomed and are tax deductible.  


Christina & Robert Barritt
Emily & David Bateman
Jennifer & Robert Brashear
Jeanine & Ray Brown
Keelee & Ben Burkholder
Cami & Tom Callahan
Penny & Clint Carpenter
Karen & David Chapman
Shaili Felton
Michelle & Brent Fuller
Becky Gonzales
Kacee & Nathan Harvey
Alex & Arthur Hernandez
Somer & Jeff Jaynes
Ali & Shawn Johnson
Brittany & Greg Jones
Paula & Charles Key
Katlyn & Brett Longley
Marlowe Lawson & Scott Malouf
Jessica Martinez

Amanda & Zane Mead
Barbara Miller
Jessica & Dustin Miller
Carla & Brad Moran
Becca & Michael Moss
Sunni & John Osborne
Ashlee & David Owens
Dee & Ralph Paone
Lauren & Justin Pinkston
Jim & Carolanne Purtell
Amanda & Bryce Riggs
Stephanie & Kirk Rogers
Pat & Bill Russell
Jean Scott
Rachel & Robert Scranton
Angela Simek
Candice & Kyle Simons
Jessica & Davis Smith
Shane Strawbridge
Bethany & Wes Tolley
Carolyn & Will Wilkerson

Needham Completes Eagle Scout Project

Pictured Here: Wendy Needham, Olivia Needham, and Director of Fine Arts Shane Strawbridge Sophomore Olivia Needham is working on her Eagle Scout Project and has chosen to give back to Lubbock’s beloved Moonlight Musicals. Since Olivia was eight years old, she has performed with Moonlight Musicals along with her little sister and her mother. She wanted to give back to something that has given so much to her. In the summer months performing in the orchestra pit and on the stage can easily reach temperatures over 100 degrees. Needham has coordinated and organized the planning of six Eldarica Pine trees behind where the audience sits which will create shade and some cooler temperatures for all who perform and attend a performance. Way to go, Olivia! We wish you well with your next steps in pursuit of Eagle Scout.

All School News

Red Kettle Campaign

In keeping with the spirit of Christmas at All Saints, Parent Group is working with The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign. Part of our mission is to provide an opportunity for fellowship and service to our students and families. Families are encouraged to volunteer together and “Ring the Bell” at various locations and times throughout Lubbock. Below is the link to volunteer so grab a friend and ring that bell together!

In addition, the Red Kettles will be on campus Thursday and Friday at three different locations during the morning drop off. Look for a friendly face and drop some change to support this organization!

Share Your PLC – Eighth Grade Photos

Parent Group Dine Out Program

Tumbleweed and Sage Coffeehouse is generously giving back to the school now through the end of December! A portion of the proceeds will go back to All Saints.

There is a tab labeled All Saints through their online ordering system, where you can order seasonal cookie kits, hot chocolate bombs, and adult lunchables. These items will be available to pick up at your convenience. The address is 610 Donald Preston Drive Suite A101, Wolfforth, Tx 79382. Orders must be placed during business hours.

Lobby and drive-through open 7 days a week | M-F 7 am-6 pm | Saturday & Sunday 7 am-3 pm


Also, they will honor the give back for their entire menu if All Saints is mentioned at pick up.

Here is the QR to order. Orders can also be placed by going to:


One Act Play Claims TAPPS State Runner Up Title

The One Act Play team earned TAPPS 2A, Division III State Runner-Up in the state competition. Sophomore Olivia Needham was named State Best Actress. All Star Cast honors were awarded to junior Chloe Conover and sophomore Jeye Johnson. Freshman Hannah Harvey was named Honorable Mention Cast.

The team is led by Theatre Director Shane Strawbridge. Cast members include seniors Haley Dickerson and Reagan Hunter; juniors Abigail Barrit, Natalie Caswell, and Chloe Conover; sophomores Brooks Burns, Jeye Johnson, and Olivia Needham; and freshmen Addyson Dalley, Hannah Harvey, Jack Jones, and Nola Woods.

All Saints Receives 15 New Drums

PLC and Lower School music teacher Candace Cameron recently applied for and received a Texas Music Educators Association Elementary music grant in the amount of $800!  The school used this money to purchase eight remo tubano drums. These drums have a distinctive Afro-Cuban influence. It’s a floor drum that’s nearly two feet tall and delivers a big sound.

Mrs. Cameron was able to purchase six more drums from her music budget and with the help of generous parents and the Thankful campaign she was able to purchase seven more drums for a total of 15 new drums!

The students are really enjoying the drums and have already begun using them in the first and second grade classes.  The focus of each lesson is to work on steady beat, rhythm, and community music playing.

Mrs. Cameron would like to extend a big thank you to the parents who contributed to the drums.  She is excited about the new opportunities for our young Patriots.


🎄PLC Movement and Mindfulness class worked on their Christmas Tree Pose with an added challenge of standing on a block and balancing a pom pom as a star on their head. 🎄

Monday our first grade students experienced Christmas in Germany. St. Nicholas Day falls on December 6 and is a widely celebrated day in Germany. To prepare for the visit, children tidy their rooms and clean their toys. Shoes will be polished and set outside the door or on a windowsill. Some kids even leave a bit of hay or straw for St. Nicholas’s donkey. Children will wake to find candies, gold coins, and even small treats on December 6th. It was a fun day of learning about cultural differences for our young Patriots. Other Christmas traditions studied by our lower school students include Finland (second grade), Greece (third grade), and Sweden (fourth grade).

Our Fourth grade parents really got “serious” about the annual dodge ball competition parents vs. students. They even ordered matching t-shirts. Way to go… we think you are way ABOVE average parents!


Middle School Student Council Elections
Election speeches and voting will occur during advisory on December 10th in Patriot Gym.  Mr. Madding, the new technology teacher, and I will co-sponsor the group.  All Saints typically has eighth grade students hold officer positions.  Grade level representatives will be determined in January.

Advent Projects
Every grade level sponsors an Advent Project each year. Part of our focus is on having the students participate actively in serving others and getting to go to the places they are helping. You should receive information very soon about your child’s grade level project.

Fifth Grade will shop for Toys for Tots at Kohl’s this week.

Sixth Grade will stuff stockings and deliver them to Salvation Army.

Seventh Grade will conduct a gently used coat drive for Communities in Schools.

Eighth Grade will gather items for the Haven and then deliver the gifts.

Spreading Holiday Cheer

Our MS Cheer squad enjoyed delivering the holiday poinsettias to a local nursing home last night.  The girls were careful and practiced social distancing while sharing holiday “cheer” with the residents.  It was a fun evening.  Thank you to everyone who donated a poinsettia.

If you ordered a poinsettia for your family the cheer squad will be sending home voucher tickets next week.  These tickets will make the pick up and delivery of poinsettias easy for everyone!  Be sure to hold on to it.


Thank you so much to all who helped with the girl’s tournament this past weekend, it was a success.  Our seventh and eighth grade girl’s teams worked hard and had a great day of competitive basketball.

This weekend we will host the MS Boy’s Tournament beginning with games on Friday afternoon in Jones and Patriot gyms.  All seventh grade games will be played in Jones Gym and all eighth grade games will be played in Patriot Gym.  The brackets will be sent as soon as they become available.

We are in need of volunteers for the tournament this weekend.  As a reminder, each family who has an athlete is required to work 2 SHIFTS/FAMILY/SEASON or make a donation of $100 to help the Booster Club staff the gate and concession stands.  Thank you to all of those families who have already signed up to work or completed their Patriot hours.


Annual Thanksgiving Dinner
High school parents hosted the annual Thanksgiving Dinner for high school students.   Students had a wonderful time gathering together for a traditional Thanksgiving Feast and enjoyed a friendly grade level competition.   The evening concluded with a fun and festive pie eating contest.  The seniors walked away with the Top Turkey trophy and title and claimed a spot in the trophy case.  Thank you to all of the parents who participated and helped with this event.  A special thank you to Steve Beasley for serving as our M.C. for the night!

Advent Project:  After recently volunteering at several organizations this fall, high school students chose the Salvation Army to focus on for their advent project. The students have been collecting items that are needed the most to help those who are living temporarily at the shelter and those that are homeless: hygiene bags, blankets, pillows and towels.

Strong Finish for HS Debate Team; 7th Overall

The ASES Speech and Debate team competed at West Texas A&M University over the Thanksgiving break. This was the largest regular season tournament that the team will compete in all year with over 300 entries across all events. The team placed 7th out of 26 schools, beating many 4A and 5A schools. This tournament is an excellent annual indicator of the team’s success in the Spring!

Sydney Smith- 1st Place Junior Varsity LD Debate
Jacque Hunter- 3rd Place Junior Varsity LD Debate
Ashby Whitaker- 3rd Place Impromptu Speaking and Semi-finalist Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking
Olivia Needham- 4th Place Prose Interpretation
Calvin Carpenter- Top 15 Varsity LD Debate


This season has come to an end, and we are so fortunate to have been able to finish as the 2021 Tapps 2A State Champions!

The team won two of their three tournaments and earned the district champion title before going on a 15 game winning streak.  From that point, they didn’t lose a single set on their way to a state championship. Our team earned several individual accolades including four first team all-district and two 2nd team all-district athletes. At the state level, we had two players make first team all-state and two make second team all-state along with three athletes making the all-area team.

This season was such a blessing.  The accolades received are a good indication of the power of being ALL IN together. It shows what a team can accomplish when they put the Lord first and play to glorify him and his kingdom. I always tell the team when they step into the gym to show people that there is something different about All Saints and how they play for the Lord.

By what they did this season, I think it is safe to say that they exemplified that.

Hebrews 12:1

Eight Patriot Football players received district recognition.  Congratulations to the following athletes:

The All Saints Patriots have hit the hard court running. We have played seven games in three weeks and have seven to go before Christmas break. After a couple of weeks of very tough competition on the road, we look forward to playing a few at home as we prepare to compete for a district championship. This year we are focusing on our effort and attitude. We can’t always control everything that happens to us, but we can control our effort and our attitude.  Go, Patriots!

Coach Kyle Simons

The season is underway and the Patriots are 7-4. The players are giving tremendous effort each and every time we play. The Patriots won against San Jacinto last night and are playing in the Whitharral tournament this Thursday – Saturday. We come back next week hosting Anton on Tuesday before playing in the Sands tournament the following weekend.

Coach David Chapman

The Powerlifting season is off to a great start.  We have begun our training and are finalizing our first competition.  There are seven high school boys competing in Powerlifting this year:  J.P. Aldridge (9), Aydan Allen (12), Calvin Carpenter (10), Mason Dawson (11), Josh Eckert (10), Jacob Janes (9), Kalvy Thompson (12) and manager Brooks Burns (10).

Coach Tucker Richolson