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December 9, 2020

Table of Contents

– Countdown to Christmas Begins
– Dream Vacation Winner
– Legacy Sponsors & Committee
– Ipads for All!
– One Act Play Wins State

– Calendar of Events

– Mrs. Pat Brimberry
– Ethan Min
– Ethan Moore
– Patriot Spirit Squad

– Annual Fund Donors
– South Plains Food Bank Donations


– Fourth Grade Plants Flowers

– Middle School Virtual Academic Meet
– MS Coaches Corner

– Division Head Updates
– HS Coaches Corner

Christmas Vacation Begins In…

  • 00 days
  • 00 hours
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  • 00 seconds

Next Week:  All School Holiday Dress Days

PLC, Lower School, Middle School
Wednesday – Hat Day
Thursday – Ugly Sweater Day
Friday – Wear a Christmas Shirt

High School ONLY – The High School dress days look a little different because they are combining their dress days with their Advent Project.
Monday – Christmas Movie Characters
Tuesday – Christmas PJs/Onesies
Wednesday – Hat Day
Thursday – Ugly Sweater Day
Friday – Dress Like a Christmas Tree or Wear a Christmas Shirt

And The Winner Is…

Congratulations to Pam Ryan, winner of the Legacy Raffle!  Pam and her husband, Matt, are members of the high school faculty.  They have selected the trip to Tuscany for their raffle prize.  Thank you for supporting All Saints by buying a ticket.  This fun DREAM vacation will await them after the pandemic and travel restrictions are lifted.

Legacy Auction Winners

If you were the highest bidder and have Legacy auction items to pick up, please come by this week to pick up your items.  The pickup process is easy.  Just pull up to the school office and call 806-745-7701, and someone will bring your items out to your car.  It’s that simple.  Thank you for participating in this year’s Legacy auction and congratulations on your win!

Thank You to our Sponsors and Committee!

iPads for All!

Guests attending the Legacy Virtual Event were invited to contribute toward the purchase of new iPads for ALL students.  The school announced a new effort to raise funds that will provide an iPad for every faculty member and all students K-12.  Our goal is to ensure that every student has easy access to technology to do their work.  The iPad is a great tool to help students create, communicate, collaborate, and think critically – all skills that are needed to thrive in today’s world.

Many thanks to all those who have contributed to the iPad fund thus far. Approximately $83,800 has been raised and additional funds are needed.  We are asking every family to consider contributing to this effort that will directly benefit so many students and teachers.  The school is expected to need $175,000 to purchase the necessary number of iPads and protective covers.

The benefits of iPads for parents and students are many!

  • No need for parents and students to share devices
  • The school will manage the devices and install apps as needed
  • Teachers and students will have the same equipment/learning will be more effective
  • Students will receive training
  • Students can continue work while ill or traveling
  • Parents can set controls & limits outside of school
  • iPads can be tracked and managed remotely if lost or stolen

Thank you to the following families that have already donated to the Technology Fund!

Barbara Allsup
Tricia Anderson
Christina and Robert Barritt
Emily and David Bateman
Krista and Matt Bumstead
Jennifer and Ryan Burkett
Keelee and Ben Burkholder
Penny and Clint Carpenter
Patty and Mark D’Alise
Michelle and Brent Fuller
Priya and Harvinder Gill
Ann Graham
Kacee and Nathan Harvey
Alexandra and Arthur Hernandez
Jennifer and Tom Howe
Caroline and Jason Janes
Somer and Jeff Jaynes

Ali and Shawn Johnson
Tish and Joseph Keller
Kristen Walton Kendrick
Becky and David Kerby
Amy and Chase Key
Janice and Craig Lampe
Angie and Chris Lane
Emily and Bruce Latta
Elizabeth and Mike Massengale
Dayna and Zach McCutchin
Paige and Mike McKay
Amanda and Zane Mead
Jessica and Dustin Miller
Heather and Clark Mooty
Carla and Brad Moran
Rebecca and Michael Moss
Jeni and Matt Nichols

Sunni and John Osborne
Dee and Ralph Paone
Lauren and Justin Pinkston
Stephanie and Kirk Rogers
Brandy and James Rose
Pat and Bill Russell
Shelly Smith
Kara Zetzsche-Smith and Chad Smith
Diana and Chris St. Clair
Trey Stoffregen and Michelle Ensminger
Cindy and Rick Taylor
Melissa and Greg Thompson
Nadene and Roger Tipton
Valerie and Tim Tucker
Teresa and Alejandro Verdugo
Carolyn and Will Wilkerson
Shelli and Matt Wolfe

To contribute to the iPad Fund, please click on the Legacy link provided here or contact Celeste Thompson in the Advancement Office: or (806) 745-7701

High School Theatre Wins State

2020 TAPPS DIV III State One Act Play Champions

On the Thursday afternoon before Thanksgiving, the All Saints Episcopal School one-act play troupe gathered in the black box theatre. They all held hands. Some even bowed their heads and closed their eyes, as if in prayer. The group, which is normally quite vocal, was uncharacteristically silent. Via an internet stream, the voice of Rhonda Smith, Assistant to the Fine Arts Director for TAPPS, pierced the quiet.

“And our Division III, 2020 Champion goes to…”

The students screamed and leaped to their feet as they exchanged hugs, high fives, and sighs of relief. Parents in attendance cheered, yelled, and offered pats on the back. Director Shane Strawbridge just threw his arms in the air.

All Saints Episcopal School had won the 2020 State Championship.

Under the direction of Shane Strawbridge, the theatre students performed I Never Saw Another Butterfly by Celeste Raspanti, a beautiful and moving one-act play based on the poetry created in the Terezin concentration camp by the Jewish children of Prague. One of the survivors, Raja, lived through it all, taught the children when there was nothing to teach with, gave them hope when there was little enough reason for hope, and created a little world of laughter, of flowers and butterflies behind the barbed wire. The role of Raja was played by sophomore Chloe Conover.

“All of our long rehearsals and sacrificing of spare time really paid off in the end,” said Conover. “I am so glad I got to be part of this amazing cast. I feel like this year we all really came together as a family. I love this group of people and couldn’t imagine this year with anyone else.”

All Saints advanced to the State Meet after winning the district title in October, where junior Alex Mercer walked away with the award for the district’s best actress.

“Being part of this show was such an amazing experience,” said Mercer. “I really grew closer to my cast and crew this year and learned more about myself as an actor.”

In addition to winning the state title, several members of the group walked away with individual honors. Freshmen Jeye Johnson and Olivia Needham and sophomore Alex Mercer were awarded Honorable Mention Cast designations. Senior Jackson Bass and sophomore Chloe Conover were named to the All-Star Cast.

“I am beyond proud of these students for the work they put in,” said Strawbridge. “They dug deep and trusted me as a new voice in the room to guide them. I can’t wait to see what they manage to do next. It’s exciting to think about.”

The excitement, according to Mercer, is mutual.

“Mr. Strawbridge’s amazing direction helped me to grow and improve my skills allowing me to connect to my character by using my own true emotions in ways I never thought I could. Without him, this whole experience wouldn’t have been possible, and for that, I am very grateful. It truly shows that if you have an amazing theater family working their hardest and trying to connect through the show’s themes and characters in a profound way, anything is possible.”

Although there was tension in the waiting, Strawbridge was confident in his students. When we were leaving All Saints the day before the competition, the students paused in the hallway in front of Patriot Gym where photos of past state championship teams in sports and academics are hung.

“They turned back to me and told me that that spot was theirs. And I never had any doubts.”

The One-Act Play team includes Jackson Bass, Chloe Conover, Haley Dickerson, Jeye Johnson, Alex Mercer, Olivia Needham, and Mason Woods under the direction of Shane Strawbridge and their mascot Tyrell.

Calendar of Events

December 7-11

  • 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m:  Legacy Auction Pickup. Just pull up, call the school (806-745-7701), and someone will bring your items out to your car.

December 10

  • Red Day 
  • 4, 5, 6, 7  p.m:  Middle School Basketball vs. St. Andrews, Jones Gym. 4 p.m. 7th Grade Girls; 5 p.m. 7th Grade Boys; 6 p.m. 8th Grade Girls; 7 p.m. 8th Grade Boys. (Only two guests per player.  All Saints fans enter through Door N next to bus parking.)

December 11

  • Blue Day 
  • Last Day for HS to Donate Hats, Scarves, Adult and Children’s Socks for Salvation Army
  • 7:30 p.m:  High School Varsity Boys Basketball vs. Paducah, 810 Godwin Avenue, Paducah

December 12

  • 11 a.m, 12:30, 2  p.m:  High School Basketball vs. San Jacinto Academy, Patriot Gym: 11 a.m.  JV Boys Basketball;  12:30 p.m. Varsity Girls Basketball; 2 p.m. Varsity Boys Basketball (Only two guests per player.  All Saints fans enter through northeast corner doors.)

December 14

  • Blue Day 
  • High School Only: Dress Like a Christmas Movie Character

December 15

  • Red Day
  • High School Only:  Dress in Christmas PJs/Onesis
  • 4, 5, 6:30, 8 p.m:  High School Basketball @ Morton High School, 100 Main Street, Morton:   JV Girls Basketball; 5 p.m. JV Boys Basketball;  6:30 Varsity Girls Basketball; 8 p.m. Varsity Boys Basketball

December 16

  • Blue Day
  • All School Holiday Dress Day:  Hat Day
  • 5 p.m: Board of Trustees Meeting
  • 6:30 – 8 p.m:  Middle School Cheer, Patriot Gym

December 17

  • Red Day 
  • All School Holiday Dress Day:  Ugly Sweater Day
  • 4, 5, 6, 7  p.m:  Middle School Basketball @ Christ the King, 4011 54th Street Lubbock: 4 p.m. 7th Grade Girls; 5 p.m. 7th Grade Boys; 6 p.m. 8th Grade Girls; 7 p.m. 8th Grade Boys.

December 18

  • Red Day 
  • PLC, LS, MS Holiday Dress Day:  Christmas Shirt
  • High School Only:  May Dress Like a Christmas Tree or Wear a Christmas Shirt
  • Virtual Lessons & Carols (A link will be sent the day of the event.)
  • NOON DISMISSAL:  School dismissed at Noon for Christmas Holidays.  Classes resume at 8 a.m. January 6
  •  6, 7:30 p.m: High School Boys Basketball vs. White Deer, Patriot Gym:   JV Boys Basketball 6 p.m;  7:30 p.m. Varsity Boys Basketball (Only two [2] spectators per athlete.  All Saints fan enter northwest corner door – Door E) 
  •  6:45, 8 p.m: High School Girls Basketball @ Sands High School, 201 First Street, Ackerly:   JV Girls Basketball 6:45 p.m; 8 p.m. Varsity Girls Basketball

December 21-January 5

Looking Ahead

    • December 21 – January 5:  School Not in Session for Christmas Holidays
    • January 5:  Teacher-in-Service
    • January 6:  School Resumes; Epiphany Chapel
    • January 8:  Report Cards
    • January 12:  Parent Group Dine Out Fundraiser – Dairy Queen
    • January 18:  Martin Luther King Holiday – SCHOOL NOT IN SESSION

Patriot Spotlight

Mrs. Pat Brimberry and Mr. Longley
Our office received a sweet and fun call from a parent recently.  Lance Donaldson is a father of two All Saints students.  One of his children recently hit a BIG milestone in his young life…He Lost His First Tooth!   He called to thank and brag on Pat Brimberry & Brett Longley for going above and beyond the call of duty!

While in Mrs. Pat’s care, first grade student Trey Donaldson lost his first tooth!  As most kids do on this exciting day, he ran to the restroom to wash it off and check out his new smile.  While rinsing the tooth, he dropped it and it went down the drain.  Of course, he was sad.  Mrs. Pat immediately contacted Brett Longley, Facilities Manager and Plumber Extrodinaire.  He went right to work and took the plumbing apart to locate the missing tooth.  It was retrieved and Trey was able to leave it for the tooth fairy that night.

“You can’t find special people like Mrs. Pat and Mr. Longley”, said Lance. “We are so thankful for their kind and caring hearts.  It sure made a difference to my son.”

This is a perfect example of why All Saints is special.  Thank you to Mr. Donaldson for taking the time to call the office and share this sweet story and thank you to Mrs. Pat and Brett for going the extra mile.

Ethan Min
Eighth grade student and violinist Ethan Min was selected to be in the All Region MS Symphony Orchestra!

“He is a student that is very interested in music, especially classical music,” said Orchestra Director Dr. Neemias Santos.  “He also plays the piano very proficiently.”

Ethan was selected in an audition process with many other violinists, and he was ranked 2nd chair of the 2nd violins (he will sit on the 1st stand of that section).

To be selected to play in the All region MS Symphony Orchestra means that Ethan is among the best MS musicians of our region. He will not only represent this region, but also this city of Lubbock, the Lubbock ISD, and the All Saints Episcopal School.

Congratulations, Ethan!  Your Patriot family is proud of you.

Ethan Moore – Needs Your Vote By December 10
One of our very own Patriots, Ethan Moore, submitted the Innovative Curtain Clip product idea to the 2020 Red Raider Idea Competition and was selected as a finalist!   The competition is hosted in partnership with the Lubbock Economic Development Alliance and TTU, giving student and community entrepreneurs the chance to pitch their next “BIG IDEA” in a 60-second video.

How Do I Vote?

  1. Visit
  2. Make sure you are viewing “The Curtain Clip”
  3. Click at the top: Click Here to Create an Account/Login to Vote:  Login with Facebook or Create an Account (your info won’t be shared)
  4. Click the Thumbs Up at the top of the video

All Saints Cheer Squad
Many of our parents have not had the joy of being on campus this year.  One thing that we need to communicate to our school community, is that there is not a lack of spirit inside these walls!  A national pandemic cannot stop our spirit squad from bringing encouragement & excitement to the halls of our school.

Who “Tags” Our Patriot Homes to help us get excited about school starting or show love for someone in quarantine?
Who organizes goody bags for athletic tournaments?
Who raised money to purchase a big blow-up Patriot head?
Who decorates our halls with posters?
Who makes Locker Tags?
Who puts our high school athletes’ photos on the football fence?
Who organizes the best pep rallies around?
Who shows up early on game day and puts flags out?
Who loves our Patriot family well?

The Answer to all of these questions:  OUR PATRIOT SPIRIT SQUAD

This list is ONLY a small sampling of things our spirit team does for us.  If you see a member of the spirit squad, please extend a big Thank you to each one of them!  They have worked hard this year and deserve to be recognized!  The spirit squad includes Cheer, Pom and Blue Crew!

All School News

November Annual Fund Donors

Thank you to our November Annual Fund donors.  The All Saints Annual Fund supports the gap between the cost of tuition and the actual expense of educating each student.  We are grateful for each donation.  If you’d like to contribute to the 2020-21 Annual Fund, you may contact Celeste Thompson or donate now online.

Gwen Armstrong
Darrell Baldwin
Pat Brimberry
Sally and Jim Brown
Emily Cannon
Penny Carpenter
Dennis and Debbie Chance
Chapman Harvey Architects
Charley and Kay Cross
Lou Diekemper
Sue-Ann and Mike Ehmer
Mr. Dan and Mrs. Connie Glenn
Sara Johnson
Betsy and Robert Jones
Greg and Brittany Jones
Patty Jones
Becky and David Kerby
Amy Key
Caroline and Doug Kopp
Christie Liu
Sally and Gary Loden

Barbara Miller
Victor Munoz
Sally Murray
Greg and Cheryl Nichols
Jamie and Jeff Owen
Ralph and Dee Paone
Justin and Lauren Pinkston
Lisa Rozean
Matt Ryan
Pam Ryan
Robert Snell
Jack Strong Jr.
Rick and Cindy Taylor
Vicki Teakell
Debbie Thompson
Dr. Larry and Mrs. Ann Thompson
The Rev. Robert and Mrs. Maurine Tobin
Valerie Tucker
Dr. Paul and Mrs. Linda Walter
DeLynn and Karl Wardlow

U Can Share Fund

Our Lubbock community needs our support more than ever.  This year let’s pull together and support the South Plains Food Bank through monetary donations.  We are not collecting cans this year but the drive is still going on.  You may click the link below to make an online donation.

Thank you for your support!



If you ordered school portraits for your virtual student, please remember to pick-up your portraits at the Fresco Portrait Studio located at 3212 Woodrow Rd, Lubbock, TX 79423. 

Don’t forget that you can ALWAYS support All Saints with AmazonSmile and Mabel’s Labels:

  • AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support your favorite charitable organization every time you shop, at no cost to you. Simply go to, and on your first visit, you will be directed to choose an organization.  Please search for “All Saints Episcopal School of Lubbock Parents Group.”
  • Mabel’s Labels sells high-quality peel and stick name labels, washable clothing labels, luggage and bag tags, and safety tags that will help you keep tabs on your child’s items!  Simply visit, click on “Select Your School,” and choose “All Saints Episcopal School Parent Group (Lubbock)” from the drop-down menu. Mabel’s Labels will donate 20% of all of our purchases back to Parent Group.

Lower School News

Our Fourth Grade Creative Design class planted flowers in the courtyard before Thanksgiving Break.  They will be well prepared and equipped to help with spring planting at home!

Middle School News

New Grass and New Sidewalk
While our students were learning from home last week, we were busy improving the area outside our new Headrick Center.  In the above pictures, you will see lots and lots of new grass and a new sidewalk.

The large rolls of grass like what you see in one picture came from Amarillo where it was snowy and icy early last week.  That means the grass farm people could not cut the remaining rolls and get them to us.  The rest of the grass should come this week.  It will be interesting for the kids to see how the grass gets installed.

The new sidewalk is an extension of the existing sidewalk.  We used the pieces of old sidewalk with hand prints that had to be taken before construction began on the new building, but we did not want to lose them.  In the picture, you will notice what looks like dirt.  It is actually crushed granite that will eventually pack down into a hard surface.

We are excited about these new updates and look forward to the continued progression.

Middle School Virtual Challenge Meet
In November seven All Saints Middle School students participated in the Virtual Challenge Meet, an academic competition open to students in public and private schools throughout the state of Texas.

Below is the list of students who competed in the September meet:

Fifth Grade:
Gurvir Gill – Math, Number Sense, Social Studies, and Science
Nanaki Dhaliwal – Math, Number Sense, Science, Maps, Graphs, & Charts
Finn Newsom – Science

Sixth Grade
Jacob Moss – Social Studies, Math, Number Sense

Seventh Grade
Reya Felton – Number Sense
Deklan White – Maps, Graphs, & Charts, Social Studies

Eighth Grade
Ethan Min – Math

Three students placed in the top ten at the state level:

  • Gurvir Gill placed 4th in Number Sense (4-6), 9th in Science I (5-7), and 10th in Social Studies (5-6)
  • Finn Newsom placed 6th in Science I (5-7)
  • Jacob Moss placed 4th in Social Studies (5-6), and 5th in Number Sense (4-6)
  • Deklan White placed 8th in Social Studies (7-8)

Two teams also finished in the top ten at the state level:

  • Number Sense team (grades 4-5) – Gurvir Gill, Nanaki Dhaliwal, and Jacob Moss placed 2nd overall
  • Mathematics team (grades 4-8) – Gurvir Gill, Nanaki Dhaliwala, and Jacob Moss placed 10th overall
  • Science I team (grades 5-7) – Nanaki Dhaliwal, Gurvir Gill, and Finn Newsom finished 3rd overall

All Saints had very successful Virtual Challenge Meets this year. We look forward to more students participating next year.

For information, please contact Dr. Glenn Davis (

Middle School Coaches Corner

Middle school basketball continued their season last Monday, December 7th with All Saints hosting Kingdom Prep for a round of games.  It was a fun night to be back playing basketball after the Thanksgiving Break.  All four teams will be in action tomorrow vs. St. Andrews from Amarillo.  The games will be in Jones Gym.  Game times are as follows:

4:00 pm – 7th Grade Girls
5:00 pm – 7th Grade Boys
6:00 pm – 8th Grade Girls
7:00 pm – 8th Grade Boys

High School

Virtual Fall Fandando @ TTU
Congratulations to all the participants! Here is a list of students that placed in the top ten (out of OVER 2,000 public and private school participants!)  Our small high school did very well among several large schools!

Current Events:
Abigail Barritt (10) & Olivia Needham (9):  7th Place Tie
Sebastian Whitaker (12), Matthew Zhang (9), Luke D’Alise (9):  9th Place Tie

Literary Criticism:
Ella Aycock (11):  3rd Place

Ash Bumstead (12):  3rd Place
Rohan Felton (9):  10th Place

Number Sense:
Rohan Felton (9):  3rd Place
Kevin Beasley (11):  7th Place

Ready Writing:
Graham St. Clair (12):  4th Place
George Lipe (12):  6th Place

Spelling and Vocabulary:
Matthew Zhang (9):  4th Place
Reese Rogers (11):  8th Place

Social Studies:
Luke D’Alise (9):  5th Place
Jeye Johnson (9):  8th Place

Ash Bumstead (12), Chase Farnsworth (10), Rohan Felton (9):  1st Place Team

Ash Bumstead:  2nd Place
Chase Farnsworth:  5th Place
Rohan Felton:  5th Place

Ash Bumstead:  1st Place

Advent Project
This year’s advent project for high school students is collecting clothing items for cold weather to be donated to the Salvation Army.  Last school year high school students were involved in service work at this organization and felt the need to assist with helping those in need during the winter time.  Even though the students are not able to volunteer at the Salvation Army at this time, they want to help provide much needed items during this time of year.  Students are asked to bring their item(s) to school by December 11.

Ninth Grade – adult and children’s socks
Tenth Grade – hats
Eleventh Grade – gloves
Twelfth Grade – scarves

High School Coaches Corner

Congratulations to the high school volleyball program on another fantastic season.  It has been a busy couple of weeks with the Patriots making a strong playoff run finally ending in the TAPPS 2A State Semi-Finals.  At the conclusion of the season, several Patriot Volleyball players were awarded individual honors.

TAPPS 2A All State First Team – Paige Schlehuber, Sr. & Chloe Conover, So.
TAPPS 2A All State Second Team – Haley Dickerson, Jr, Lauren Bayouth, So.
TAPPS 2A All State Honorable Mention – Jayden Johnson, Jr.
TAPPS 2A All State Academic Team – Paige Schlehuber, Sr., Jayden Johnson, Jr., Haley Dickerson, Jr.
TAPPS 1st Team All District 1-2A – Paige Schlehuber, Sr., Chloe Conover, So., Lauren Bayouth, So., Haley Dickerson, Jr., Jayden Johnson, Jr.
TAPPS 2nd Team All District 1-2A – Kate White, So., Natalie Caswell, So.

High School basketball has been busy with the girls’ JV & Varsity teams playing last week against 3A Midland Classical as well as Patton Springs.  The girls defeated 4A Midland Trinity Tuesday night at home in a strong performance.

The boys’ teams returned Tuesday night from two weeks of quarantine with a strong JV win over Midland Trinity and a competitive varsity game falling a few points short.  The boys’ varsity will play again this Friday in Paducah and both the girls and boys teams will play at home again on Saturday, December 12th vs. 3A San Jacinto.  The game times are as follows:

11:00 am – Boys JV
12:30 pm – Boys Varsity
2:00 pm – Girls Varsity