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February 26, 2021

A Letter From Our Interim Head of School

Dear All Saints Family,

It is with a great deal of humility and excitement that I write this letter to you after being asked to serve as Interim Head of School at All Saints.  I am honored to be chosen to lead and do so with a sense of purpose and pride in the strong history and culture on which All Saints was founded.

The success of any organization is found in its people.  At All Saints, it starts with the leadership of the Board of Trustees.  It continues with the caring and commitment of the faculty and staff along with the support and encouragement of the parents. The true success of our school is seen through the hearts of our children, and I am inspired by their love for learning, for their school and for one another.

We spend the first part of our lives preparing and planning for the journey ahead.  As we enter adulthood, it doesn’t take long to realize that life is charted by experiences, relationships, and impactful events.  Often these elements are out of our control and alter our life plan.  As I look back on my own journey, I begin to make sense of the “why”.  Through the years, I have realized that there is often a greater power at play.  God has had a different path for me than the one I originally envisioned for myself, and I am so grateful for that fact.  As I look back at my time at All Saints, I see how God has grown my love of this place, and these people.  I believe that God’s vision for us is great, and I am excited for the opportunity to help us live that vision.

The very essence of All Saints is special.  I felt it the first time I visited with former Head of School Dr. Mike Bennett over 12 years ago.  While discussing joining the team, Dr. Bennett explained the “Five Pillars” of All Saints. It was at that moment that I knew I had found a home.  The Five Pillars are Commitment to Excellence in Academics, Fine Arts, Athletics, Spiritual Growth, and Service to Others.  These are noble and ambitious commitments, and the calling to instill those in the lives of young people is an incredible opportunity.  Having the chance to be a part of continuing the growth of All Saints as Athletic Director has been one of the most rewarding chapters in my life, and it is a thrill and a privilege for me now to begin a new chapter as Interim Head of School.

The future of All Saints is bright and filled with hope and possibility.  Our school is continuing on its historical path of excellence, a path traveled for nearly 70 years now.  We are a faith-filled community, united in our devotion to learning, worshipping, and serving together.  It is my honor to join with you as we partner together to pursue excellence in all we do.

With Patriot Pride,

Robert Brashear
Interim Head of School

The Brashear Family at Ellyn’s Graduation

Robert and Jennifer at the Legacy Event

Robert with Lauren at the Pig Day races!