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March 31, 2021

Table of Contents

– Admissions
– All Saints Hosts First Track Meet
– Headrick Center Signage Goes Up
– 2021 Kite Day
 – Calendar of Events
– Chapel Notes
– Calvin Carpenter
– Lauren Brashear
– Emerson Mooty
– Elizabeth Eppright
– 7th Annual Swing for the Future Golf Tournament
– Patriot Fun Run
– Upcoming Summer Camps
– Artist of the Week
– Mouse Trap Car Races
– Purple Martin Landlords
– Coaches Corner
– Division Head Updates
– Coaches Corner

A Day in the Life

Do you know someone who would like to learn more about early childhood education at All Saints?  This is a great video to share with friends and is found on the homepage of our school website and on the All Saints Facebook page.

In this video a current Pre-Kindergarten student will walk you through what a day at All Saints looks like from his perspective.  It will make you smile and remind you why you selected All Saints for your family.  Thank you, Rhett, for sharing your story!  Well done.


It is such an exciting time at All Saints as we prepare for the coming school year.  Interest in the school from the greater Lubbock community has been strong.  We do still have limited availability in our Patriot Learning Center and it is not too late for families to apply.  If you know of a family interested in Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten, tell them about All Saints!  Chaplain Paige would be delighted to schedule a tour of the campus and share more about the admissions process with them.  The 2021-2022 School Year is going to be amazing – encourage your friends to give us a call. We’d love to show them All Saints!


All Saints Hosts First Track Meet(s)

After anxiously awaiting “the day” for two seasons and months of construction,  All Saints track teams got to enjoy competing in their very own track meet on their very own track last week.

“We are very fortunate at All Saints to have a group of families who so generously contributed to the new track,” Interim Head of School and Athletic Director Robert Brashear said. “A track shows a great commitment from the school and these families to the continued growth of All Saints.”

All Saints christened their beautiful new track May 1, 2019 with the facility’s first event, The First Annual Patriot Relays Lower School Track Meet.  In the fall of 2018 three All Saints families donated money to build a state-of-the art track complex on the school campus.  Construction began Spring of 2019 and was completed just as the school track season ended.  All Saints supporters continued to support the track project by donating at the 2018 Legacy Event to a fund for track supplies, such as hurdles.  The track complex continued to grow after the 2019 Legacy Event provided even more funding as supporters donated to fund a storage facility to be constructed on the football/track complex site.  That building was completed just a few weeks ago.

In 2020, All Saints was scheduled to host middle and high school track meets including the High School District Meet to be held on the new track, but the COVID-19 school closures forced the cancellation of the events. Those cancellations made this week’s track meets even sweeter to the eager Patriot track teams to compete on their own track and field facilities.

“We are also excited about the quality of the track that was built,” Brashear said. “The track is an unbelievable core facility that we can build around as we continually work to upgrade our athletic facilities.”

A poured-in-place track surface is impermeable and installed in multi-layered applications.  The base layer consists of two-component polyurethane and recycled rubber.  The top layer is a flow-applied layer of two-component polyurethane with rubber granules. A poured track is faster and decreases the risk of injury.

Labeled as an East Coast track, the track is a more rounded shaped than other tracks in the area.  The shape enables a football practice field to also be enclosed within the track along with the football playing field.  The track facility also includes dual long/triple pits, a high jump area, and pole vault area as well as shot put and discus competition areas.

The complex is used by students of all grade levels for PE and athletic classes.  A Lower School Track Meet and the school’s Fun Run Boosterthon Event are planned for later this spring.  All Saints will host the TAPPS 2A District Track Meet April 15.

“Having a track on-site directly benefits all students and every athletic and physical education program at All Saints,”   Brashear said.

(See Coaches Corner for track meet results.)

Suzan Collins Headrick Center

The outdoor building signage designating the new middle school building as the Suzan Collins Headrick Center was installed a few weeks ago on the building’s east side.

Dr. Jeff Headrick and family gathered September 12 for a private ceremony to dedicate the new All Saints Middle School building, which will be known as the Suzan Collins Headrick Center. The naming was chosen in memory and honor of beloved parent, Suzan Headrick. In Dr. Headrick’s remarks during the ceremony, he told of Suzan’s love of children, education, and the school. His hope is for the facilities to bless and inspire All Saints students today and for generations to come.

2021 Family Kite Day 🪁

The skies above All Saints will be filled with colorful kites on April 11 as we enjoy Family Kite Day.  Need a kite?  No worries!  Caprock Kites will be on hand to sell kites and also provide kite flying demonstrations.

Your family will also be able to enjoy:

🚚  Food Trucks
🎵  LIVE entertainment provided by Kenny Maines
🎨 Activity Stations with face paint, bubbles, and kite making
🌸  Parent Group spring auction
🚶🏻‍♂️  Small group tours of the new Suzan Collins Headrick Center
😀  Fellowship and fun for the whole family

When?  Sunday, April 11 from 2-4 p.m.


  • Kites may be flown anywhere on campus including the track and field area.
  • Music, food, & activities will be in the north high school parking lot.
  • Caprock Kites will be outside the Administration Building.
  • Spring auction will be in the Garrison Corridor of the High School.
  • Middle School tours will begin at the south entrance of the Headrick Center.

*  Masks will be required for indoor activities

Calendar of Events

April 1

  • Red Day
  • TBA: Senior Trip to Palo Duro Canyon
  • 2:30 – 3:30 p.m: Maundy Thursday Chapel

April 2-5

  • TBA: FTC Robotics League Virtual Championship Meet
  • Easter Break – SCHOOL NOT IN SESSION

April 6

  • Red Day
  • 8 – 8:30 a.m:  Easter Chapel – Third and Fourth Grade (Parents may join their child on the day that their child’s grade level attends in person.), Jones Gym
  • TBA: FTC Robotics League Virtual Championship Meet

April 7

  • Blue Day
  • 8 – 8:30 a.m:  Chapel – Seventh and Eighth Grade (Parents may join their child on the day that their child’s grade level attends in person.), Jones Gym
  • TBA: ERB Testing
  • TBA: FTC Robotics League Virtual Championship Meet
  • 6:30 p.m:  Middle School Cheer Practice, Patriot Gym

April 8

  • Red Day
  • 8 – 8:30 a.m:  Chapel – Fifth and Sixth Grade (Parents may join their child on the day that their child’s grade level attends in person.), Jones Gym
  • 8 a.m: Parent Group Meeting, Middle School Robotics Lab
  • TBA: Middle School Golf @ Holy Cross Invitational,  Palo Duro Creek Golf Course, 50 Country Club Drive, Canyon
  • TBA:  High School Tennis @ TAPPS State Championship Tournament
  • TBA: FTC Robotics League Virtual Championship Meet
  • 7 p.m: Third Grade Night at the Museum: Civil War, Kirby Commons (Only four guests per Third Grade Student.  Admission tickets required. Wear a mask and bring a flashlight.)

April 9

  • Blue Day
  • 8 – 8:30 a.m:  Chapel – Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten (Parents may join their child on the day that their child’s grade level attends in person.), Jones Gym
  • TBA: FTC Robotics League Virtual Championship Meet
  • TBA:  High School Track @ Ascension Relays, Ascension Academy, 9301 Ascension Parkway, Amarillo
  • Progress Reports

April 10

  • TBA: FTC Robotics League Virtual Championship Meet
  • TBA:  Middle School Track @  WTCAA Championship, Ascension Academy, 9301 Ascension Parkway, Amarillo

April 11

  • 2 – 4  p.m: Family Kite Day
  • TBA: FTC Robotics League Virtual Championship Meet

Follow @GoAllSaintsPats on Twitter for the latest in Patriot Athletics.

Looking Ahead

  • April 12:  High School Picture Day: Senior Cap & Gown Pictures, High School Basketball teams, HS Track teams, HS Tennis teams, HS Golf teams, HS Powerlifting teams, & High School Make Up Pictures
  • April 12 – 15: Eighth Grade MO Ranch Trip
  • April 13:  Parent Group Dine Out – Firehouse Subs (98th & Slide)
  • April 15:  High School District Track Meet @ All Saints; Middle School Golf @ Big Springs
  • April 16:  Tricycle Rodeo
  • April 19 – 20: High School Golf State Tournament
  • April 20:  The Gift of Time Junior Dinner (More Information Coming)
  • April 21:  Abernathy Band Contest; High School North Regional Track Meet @ Dallas; Board of Trustees Meeting
  • April 22: Senior Luncheon
  • April 23:  Spring Break Fever – No School
  • April 27:  Fun Run Pep Rally; Middle School WTCAA Golf Championship
  • April 28:  Middle School Golf WTCAA Championship; High School Fun on the Field
  • April 29: Baccalaureate;  NJHS Induction
  • April 30:  Kindergarten Fiesta; Matilda Theater Musical; High School Track  State Meet
  • May 1:  Matilda Theater Musical; High School Track State Meet
  • May 3 – 14:  High School AP Testing; 7th Annual Swing for the Future Golf Tournament
  • May 7: Fun Run

Chapel Notes

This week is Holy Week.  The time begins with Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey on Palm Sunday and ends with His resurrection on Easter Sunday.  In 8:00 Chapel we are walking through the week day by day.  Tomorrow is Maundy Thursday, which will be held at 2:45pm.  Parents are invited to join us via the website or Facebook.  During the Maundy Thursday service, we remember the time Jesus spent with his disciples before his arrest.  We remember his last supper with the disciples, and when he washed their feet as an act of service and love.  The school is closed for Good Friday and Easter Monday.  We will return on Tuesday, where we will celebrate with a special 8:00 Morning Prayer service, celebrating Easter.  The Alleluias will return!  He is Risen!

Chaplain Paige+


Calvin identifying a bat in Salisbury, UK

Calvin presenting at the Texas Master Naturalist Annual Conference

Calvin Carpenter (9)

Six years ago,  an All Saints student became interested in bats while touring Carlsbad Caverns with his fourth grade class. Today, that student is a freshman and has grown his interest in bats into memberships into bat conservation programs in Texas and England along with a YouTube program, a book, three college scholarships, and is a repeated state qualifier for the Texas Science and Engineering Fair. He will compete in his sixth consecutive state contest in April.

Calvin Carpenter first learned about bats and a deadly fungus responsible for killing more than six-million bats when he and his classmates toured Carlsbad Caverns on the traditional fourth-grade trip. The cold-loving fungus causes a deadly disease known as White-Nose Syndrome. During winter hibernation the bats breathe in the fungus which then appears on their nose. This wakes them up, and because it is winter, there is no food available and they starve. It first began in New York state in 2006, and in a few years had spread to Arkansas. That piqued Carpenter’s curiosity about Texas bats.

“When I learned that the fungus was killing entire colonies of bats, I was worried about the bats that live under Congress Avenue bridge in Austin because that is the world’s largest urban bat colony,”  Carpenter said.

Carpenter has had many experiences because of his continued research. He was featured in a YouTube webcast series called The Bat Squad! which was produced by Bat Conservation International (BCI), Austin, Texas. You can watch Bat Squad Calvin at The next year Carpenter was featured in a book called Bat Citizens: Defending the Ninjas of the Night by Rob Laidlaw.

To learn more about White-Nose Syndrome, Calvin emailed a scientist at, who then contacted BCI and recommended Calvin to the Bat Squad! Calvin was invited to Austin for filming the summer between fourth and fifth grade. While in Austin he filmed at the Austin Bat Refuge and the Congress Avenue Bridge during the evening bat flight.

Rob Laidlaw, author and animal advocate, saw Calvin on BCI’s webcast series The Bat Squad! Laidlaw contacted Calvin about being a featured profile in his book, Bat Citizens: Defending the Ninjas of the Night. The book was published two years later, 2018.

At the 2019 Texas Master Naturalists Annual Conference, 12 year-old Carpenter was invited to present his research and was the keynote speaker later at the evening dinner in a room-filled with adult scientists.

“I presented my research during a breakout session that morning to about 15-20 adults. I’ve done that before, but that’s different compared to a big ballroom full of people, up on a stage, behind a podium,” Carpenter said. “I took many deep breaths and reminded myself that what I had to say was important and they would be interested. When I started speaking I felt better and more relaxed. Afterwards, several gave me their business card in case I had research questions. They treated me like another scientist.”

His research continued overseas that same year as Carpenter served as a Youth Ambassador to the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) in London, England. He met with scientists and environmentalists of the Wiltshire Bat Group.  He assisted them in trapping, identifying, and banding bats one evening outside Salisbury, England.

“It was a great experience. I have always wanted to go out in the field and see how real professionals do these kinds of things,”  Carpenter said. “I was able to hold a very rare bat, the Barbastelle bat. When it was time to release her, she crawled around on my hand before she flew. I had a lot of fun and hope to do it again.”

This year, COVID-19 prevented Carpenter’s access to a research lab to study the fungus. Therefore, he continued his field research. Last summer Texas legalized the agriculture production of Cannabis salvia for industrial hemp.

Since local bats forage over traditional crops such as corn and cotton, introducing a new crop has unknown effects on the ecosystem. Calvin tested to see if bats preferred foraging over hemp versus cotton. He recorded bats in both crops for many nights and concluded there is no statistical difference in the number of bats foraging between the two crops.

“This is a good thing. It means bats are finding food which will help them stay healthy when winter comes and they have to survive the fungus,” Carpenter said.

His study led him to enter his research into the 2021 Regional Science and Engineering Fair.  He won the Regional Fair February 21 and qualified for his sixth consecutive appearance in the State Science and Engineering Fair.  The Fair is hosted by Texas A&M and is sponsored by Exxon Mobile, the Texas Workforce Commission, and Texas A&M Engineering.

Because of the quality of his research, Carpenter has received numerous awards and three college scholarships at the 2021 Regional Science and Engineering Fair:

  • Category Judging
    • Regeneron ISEF Society for Science, Certificate of Merit and State Eligibility
    • Silver Medalist, Senior Division, Biological Categories
    • Category Winner, 1st Place (9th Grade, Biology)
  • Scholarships
    • Scholarship ($500) – TTU Whitacre College of Engineering
    • Scholarship ($1500) – TTU College of Agriculture & Natural Resources Science
    • Scholarship (TBA) – TTU Department of Natural Resources
  • Special Awards
    • South Plains Regional Science & Engineering Fair, Certificate of Excellence ($50.00)
    • The Texas Master Naturalists Rolling Plains Chapter, Certificate of Achievement
    • Ricoh Sustainable Development Award

Carpenter will compete in April at the State Science and Engineering Fair. Just like the Regional Fair, the State fair will be virtual. Carpenter submitted a video presenting an overview of his project along with a research poster. His research will be visually seen online by a team of judges. Interviews via Zoom will be scheduled if they have further questions.

“I am more confident talking with adult researchers. At first, I didn’t think they would want to be bothered by a kid, but honestly, they are happy to help,” Carpenter said. “It’s okay to ask them questions and talk about different projects. Because I do, I am a better public speaker, whether it’s to a judge, another scientist, or a room full of people.”

Emerson Mooty (5) – State Gymnastics Competition:  1st Overall Floor, 7th Overall Double Mini, 8th Overall on Trampoline.  Well done, Emerson!

Lauren Brashear (7) – State Gymnastics Competition:  1st on Trampoline, 2nd on Floor, 3rd on Double Mini.  Way to go, Lauren!

Alumnus Elizabeth Eppright was recently recognized by the City Council for her record breaking time and 5A gold medalist in the 200 Individual Medley Relay(fly) and a silver medalist winner in the 400 Free Relay.  Congratulations!

Shelby Rivas (6) was also scheduled to compete at the state gymnastics competition but was injured during her warm up.  A shout out to Shelby… your Patriot family is thinking of you and praying for a quick recovery! 

All School News

The 7th Annual Swing for the Future Golf Tournament is quickly approaching on May 3, 2021.  This is a fun event that brings our community together to raise funds for the ASES Athletic program.

The event is a four-person scramble and is held at the beautiful Rawls Course at Texas Tech University.

There are several Patriot families who have made this event a tradition and joined us every year.  Thank you to those families.  We welcome newcomers and hope that you will plan to join us!  The tournament fills up quickly so reserve your team spot today @

Would you like to sponsor the tournament?  Please fill out the online registration or contact Cindy Taylor at

Our first ever 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️Patriot Fun Run will be a great way to get fit and have fun!  Students of all ages will run, walk, skip, or dance to upbeat music by participating in this pledge-based event to help our school.  We’ll launch the Fun Run with a lively, interactive pep rally on April 27th followed by six days in which the students will get a chance to solve mysteries, work on character building, and win prizes.

More details will be coming! We will need several parent volunteers, if you are interested in helping or would like to be a sponsor please contact Dawndi Higgins @

Thank you to our Patriot Fun Run sponsors!

Summer Camps

Summer is only a few months away and it is time to start thinking about camps!

Many of the camps offered on campus allow All Saints families to have first pick at camp options.  After the allotted time has passed, the registration will open up to the Lubbock community.  They fill up fast and now is the time to sign up.

We will be offering Art, Band, and Theatre camps this summer. We will also have music summer camp, with instrument lessons, orchestra sessions, suzuki program for small kids (Pre-Fourth grade) and electronic music and media!  The Art Camp Registration forms are found below.  The rest of the forms will be coming soon.  Keep a look out for more information coming your way.



Mouse Trap Car Races

Eighth grade students recently had hands-on learning experiences as they built and raced mousetrap cars.

Middle School Science teacher Dennis Chance worked side-by-side with the students as they incorporated engineering and physics principles to construct their cars for maximum speed and distance. The only mechanism used to propel the cars were mousetraps or rat traps.

The students learned science concepts rich with engineering and physics principles, applied math, energy transfer and design possibilities while constructing and racing their cars.

A Special Gift for the Class of 2027

2019: Work Begins

Welcome Purple Martins!

Purple Martin Landlords

When this year’s sixth-graders (Class of 2027) were in fourth grade they tracked the migration of Purple Martins to our area. These beautiful birds fly like kites and eat many nasty insects, like mosquitos. The students began research to learn how to attract at least a pair and, hopefully, a colony. Anzley Proffitt’s mother donated a two-story Purple Martin house to the class and the students worked together to decide a suitable location, seek permission, build the house, dig the hole, anchor the pole in concrete. Before the house was raised, each student signed the bottom as a welcoming gesture to any scouting birds.

Last spring would have been the first time Purple Martins could discover the house, but sadly, all students were in COVID lockdown. However, they are here now! And, there is more than one pair. Congratulations sixth-grade! You are now Purple Martin Landlords.


The Middle School Golf team enjoyed a beautiful day of competition last week at the All Saints Invitational. Our boys team placed 3rd with Jackson Tyler leading the way with a score of 42 and Noah Garcia was close behind him with a 44.   Our golfers will compete again on April 8th at the Holy Cross Invitational.  Congratulations to all of our golfers!  Well done.

It was a great day for All Saints as the Patriots hosted the first ever full track meet on the new All Saints track on Tuesday, March 23.  The weather was great, and it was a special day to see the activity and excitement as spring sports activities resume.

Congratulations to our Middle School Track team.  It was a great day of competition.  To see all the results, click here:  MS Track Results-Pg 1, MS Track Results-Pg.2, MS Track Results-Pg.3, MS Track Results-Pg.4

The All Saints Middle School Tennis Team played a dual match against Southcrest this past Monday afternoon at the Preston Manor Tennis Center.  The young Patriots had a great day with an overall match count of 40-3.  It was a busy afternoon and evening of matches, but a great day for the Patriots!


Fundraiser for American Red Cross
The high school Presidential Council recently spearheaded a fundraiser to support the local American Red Cross.  A students versus faculty beach ball volleyball game in Patriot Gym took place last Friday with high school students paying $5 to watch the fun event.  A special note of appreciate goes out to Mr. Clay Mercer with Happy State Bank who matched the students’ donation (an update to this is coming in the next Patriot Passages).  Thank you to Ash Bumstead, Graham St. Clair and Vincent Paone who worked with Mrs. Belk, Mrs. Durham and Mrs. Martin to help make this possible.  Thank you to the wonderful faculty and staff who played in the game.  And last but not least… Mrs. Mead and Mrs. Paone were a great help serving popcorn and drinks to the high school students.  It was a great event.

Academic Competitions
This week is the TAPPS state academic competitions for high school.  Students who have scored in the top three for each division are competing virtually with other TAPPS schools in Texas.  Events include current events, literary criticism, science, number sense, calculator, advance math, TAPPS math, social studies, spelling and Spanish.  Speech and debate competition will take place a couple of weeks later.  Students competing in the state academic competitions this week are:  Abigail Barritt, Kevin Beasley, Ash Bumstead, Logan Caffey, Sara Carothers, Diego Cervera, Luke D’Alise, Chase Farnsworth, Rohan Felton, Campbell Howe, Jeye Johnson, Alex Mercer, Vincent Paone, Reese Rogers, GraceAnn Streit, Ashby Whitaker, Sebastian Whitaker and Matthew Zhang.  A big thank you to Matt Ryan who oversees the academic competitions for high school and to Kelly Beasley, Linda Gober, Janet Martin, Victor Munoz, Melissa Durham, Pam Ryan and Matt Ryan who have helped these students prepare for the competitions.


Basketball season is finished for this year, but several high school Patriots for both the girls team and boys teams were honored with post-season accolades.  The girls finished their season in the bi-district round of the playoffs with a one-point loss to Fort Worth Covenant Christian.  Following are the post-season awards for the Patriot girls:

TAPPS First Team All-District 1-2A
Reese Rogers (11)
Paige Schlehuber (12)
TAPPS Second Team All-District 1-2A
Lauren Bayouth (10)
Chloe Conover (12)
Jilayne Headrick (11)

Academic All State
Jilayne Headrick (11)
Paige Schlehuber (12)
Reese Rogers (11)

The All Saints boys team ended their year in the state tournament for the fifth time in six years dropping a close game to State Runner-up Kingdom Prep in the state semi-finals.  Several Patriot players were honored with post-season awards.

TAPPS First Team All-District 1-2A
Ash Bumstead (12)
Jack Robinson (9)

TAPPS Second Team All-District 1-2A
Luke Maples (12)
Britton Stoffregen (12)
Rowe Osborne (10)

TAPPS Honorable Mention All-District 1-2A
Vincent Paone (12)
Brown Mercer (9)

TAPPS 2A All State Tournament Team
Ash Bumstead (12)
Jack Robinson (9)

TAPPS 2A All State Academic Team
Ash Bumstead (12)
Luke Maples (12)
Britton Stoffregen (12)

Congratulations to the Varsity Boys Golf team on its third place finish at this week’s Mustang Invitational at the Texas Tech Rawls Course. Senior Eli Tran finished third individually.

Last week the boys battled windy conditions at the Holy Cross Invitational and took home a first place finish for the team with Luke D’Alise earning an individual first place medal.

Our boys will compete at the TAPPS 2A State competition on April 19.

Both the girls and boys high school tennis teams competed in the TAPPS 2A North District Tournament on March 25th in Ft. Worth.  The boys team was runner-up and the girls team earned third place.  Sara Carothers won the district girls singles title and is the #1 seed going into the state tournament.  The state tournament will be  April 8th & 9th in Waco.  Both the girls and boys teams are defending state champions from 2019.  Following are the All Saints competitors who advanced to the state tournament:

Girls Singles
Sara Carothers (10)
Brynlee Dalley (9)

Girls Doubles
Ashby Whitaker (11) & Kate White (10)
Paige Schlehuber (12) & GraceAnn Streit (11)

Boys Singles
Brandon Shaw (10)

Boys Doubles
George Lipe (12) & Diego Cervera (10)
Grady Geihsler (10) & Jameson Seal (9)

Last Wednesday, March 24th was the first ever high school track meet hosted at the All Saints track and both the girls and boys teams made history by each winning first place.

Congratulations to our High School Track team on a strong showing.  To see all the results click here.

Both high school track teams will compete again on Thursday, April 8th at the Lubbock Trinity meet.  All Saints will host the TAPPS District 1-2A District meet on Thursday, April 15th.  To get a chance to host the district meet is a special opportunity for All Saints.

Congratulations to All Saints High School freshman Calvin Carpenter for qualifying and competing  in the Texas Power Lifting Association Regional meet.  This was the first year that All Saints competed in high school powerlifting.  Calvin placed fifth overall in the regional meet.  The top two finishers advance to state. Six high school boys competed this year, and the future looks bright for All Saints Powerlifting!