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May 13, 2020

Table of Contents

– Class of 2020

– Calendar of Events

– Online Chapel

– New Video – Grocery Shopping During the Pandemic
– Update from Nurse Lisa

– New Student Assistance Fund
– MS Building Update
– Robotics Team Produce Face Shield Components
– Aycock Receives Second Military Appointment

Fine Arts
– LS Art Videos
– MS and HS Art Videos
– LS, MS, HS Theatre

– MS Cheer

– 2019-2020 Academic Awards


Dear Seniors, Here’s Everything You Need To Know…


Earlier this semester, Mr. Latta announced that the new middle school facilities that are near completion will be named in memory of our beloved All Saints parent, Suzan Collins Headrick.  Suzan’s presence and involvement were deeply felt in the All Saints community for many years.  Through her daughters, Elise, a senior this year, and, Jilayne, a sophomore, the graduating class of 2020 knew her especially well.  Suzan spear-headed the high school spaghetti dinner fundraiser for prom which continued this school year.  She also was instrumental in bringing about the Junior Investiture Ceremony to recognize each junior and celebrate their “rising up” as a senior into their leadership role for the coming school year.  This pinning event signified the importance of entrusting juniors with leadership responsibilities for the coming school year and the role they will carry throughout the school as young leaders.  This tradition will continue with a ceremony in the fall when school starts back.

Because of the time, talents, and love that Suzan poured over All Saints, the senior gift chosen this year is a beautiful portrait of Suzan that will be hung in the new middle school facility.  The gift will honor her and her legacy.  The seniors are forever grateful and appreciative of this giving and generous All Saints parent and the impact she has made on each of them.


Senior Kate King Delivers a Gift to Mrs. Key

Many seniors hoped for a different ending to their high school career.  This ending, in its own crazy way, is unique and special.  It’s new terrain.  It’s a road to graduation that no one before you has traveled and no one after you will travel (fingers crossed).  It’s a story of strength, endurance, and of making the best of a rotten situation.  You’ve done it well.

One thing our seniors couldn’t do without was the opportunity to say thank you to their teachers.  This past week, they made “special deliveries” to the homes of each high school teacher.  Each one received a bundt cake and handwritten letters from their senior students.  It was a wonderful and heartfelt gift that left many in tears.  Your high school teachers and staff love you very much and are grateful to each of you.  Good luck to the Class of 2020!  We celebrate you.


In the last issue of the Patriot Passages, we began our senior spotlights.

This last week of high school is a time to not only look forward to what is coming but also a time for looking back and reminiscing. As they reflect on their time at All Saints, our seniors have graciously shared how their high school experience has helped them prepare for the next chapter in their lives and some of their fondest memories.

This issue will spotlight the remaining eight seniors not covered in the last issue.

Jackson Drake

Time Management is an important skill that I have learned at All Saints that has helped me feel better prepared for college.

The challenging class load has made me work harder in my everyday life. 

I have many great memories from All Saints, but winning the state championship in Golf is one that I will always remember as special.    

Elise Headrick

I have learned to juggle a challenging workload along with extracurricular activities and that has helped me to have better time management skills.   I learned how to manage my homework and get everything done and that has helped prepare me for college. 

I will always remember the wonderful teachers at All Saints.  They always looked for ways to help us.  I am grateful for the teachers at All Saints.    

Laken Koepp

A skill I learned during my time at All Saints which will help me in college is how to manage a large workload.

The teachers and staff at All Saints helped build my confidence by giving me a safe learning environment.

One memory that sticks out for me is from the sophomore college trip. We went to Six Flags on what happened to be karaoke day and a few of us stayed there all day singing, dancing, and generally just having fun together.

Garrett Matthews

I have learned a lot during my time at All Saints.  The simple reminders that are found in The All Saints Way are important to me and something that I will take with me to college. 

All Saints has helped build my confidence.  The opportunities available to read in chapel and at other school events has really helped me feel more confident speaking in public. 

When reflecting on my time at All Saints, I will always remember Dr. Bennett’s retirement ceremony as special. 

Ella Moran

All Saints is filled with endless opportunities to step up and help out. Because I learned the value of these things here, I hope to make a difference in the much bigger community of the University of Texas.

At All Saints, everyone is free to be 100% themselves. Growing up in that environment has allowed me to embrace who I am and be the same Ella everywhere I go!

Something I’ll never forget about All Saints is our dances. They always seem to end up a slight train wreck, but I would not trade them for anything else. I sweat more on that Commons dance floor than when I ran cross country!

Aria Mortensen

All Saints has helped me feel more prepared for college by teaching me how to manage my time well.

The opportunity to speak in public and lead in smaller groups has really helped to build my confidence.

One person that I will always remember as special from my high school experience is Mrs. Belk.  She is an amazing counselor. She takes the time to get to know us (and our problems). She is so helpful, even when we come to her office with dumb questions. She knows so much about all of us and jokes with us all the time. She made me feel so welcomed when I first moved to All Saints. She is such a great counselor.

Abby Schlehuber

If I had to list just one thing that I’ve learned at All Saints, it would be leadership skills.

The ability to play and succeed in a variety of sports from cross-country to volleyball to field events has helped build my confidence. I had the opportunity to participate in sports that were new to me and see success. I also was given the opportunity to grow as a volleyball player on an amazing team, seeing success each year.

Working with Coach Binion my Senior year was amazing. He was able to coach me in the discus and shot put. His knowledge helped improve my throwing leading me to personal records. He also pushed me to be a better teammate and to be closer to God.

Ryan Tucker

I have learned to work at a much harder level than I was used to before I transferred to All Saints.  The challenging curriculum at All Saints has helped prepare me for college.

Being able to talk to my teachers about anything beyond the classroom has meant a lot to me and helped build my confidence. They always cared and were willing to listen.

For the last two summers, I worked for Buck and Fidel. I have learned many valuable life lessons. My favorite was not to leave your truck running with the keys in it.   Fidel knows how to drive off in it and make it look like it has no driver!  Yes, special memories for sure!


May 14

8:00 a.m:  Recognition of August Birthdays in Daily Chapel
2:30 – 3:30 p.m:  High School Chapel Service

May 15

8:00 a.m:  Remaining May Birthdays Recognized in Daily Chapel
Last Day of Distance Learning
Last Day of Academic Instruction for High School / AP Exams Continue May 11 – 22

May 18-19

Turn in Materials / Pick Up Supplies, Yearbooks: May 18 – May 19
(Watch for emails from Division Heads with more information.)
  • PLC Pick Up / Drop Off Times:
    • Monday, May 18: 8 a.m. – Noon, Circle Drive Gate Closest to Playground
    • Tuesday, May 19: 1 – 4 p.m, Circle Drive Gate Closest to Playground
  • Lower School Pick Up / Drop Off Times:
    • Monday, May 18: 8 a.m. – Noon,
      • First and Second Grade; Carpool Line
      • Third and Fourth Grade; Circle Drive between Library and 3rd/4th grade building
    • Tuesday, May 19: 1 – 4 p.m, Circle Drive Gate Closest to Playground
      • First and Second Grade; Carpool Line
      • Third and Fourth Grade; Circle Drive between Library and 3rd/4th grade Building
  • Middle School Pick Up / Drop Off Times:
    • Monday, May 18: 8 a.m. – Noon; Jones Gym Door
    • Tuesday, May 19: 1 – 4 p.m; Jones Gym Door
  • High School Pick Up / Drop Off Times: May 18 – May 19
    • Individual pick up / drop off times has been emailed by Gwen Belk to students and parents.

Looking Ahead

2020 – 2021 All Saints School Year
  • Sunday, August 16 – Back to School Pool Party
  • Tuesday, August 18 – Parent Conferences for PLC, Lower School, and Middle School (No classes for High School)
  • Wednesday, August 19 – First Day of School for High School – High School Goal Setting & Leadership Day  (No classes for PLC, Lower School, Middle School)
  • Thursday, August 20 – First Day of Classes

Please note: the start of the school schedule depends on social distancing and other factors. We know we will start on the week of August 16, but the details for each may change.  More information will come later.

Chapel Notes

As we near the end of the last week of academic instruction, I can’t help but reflect on what a spring it has been.  None of us will forget our time during the spring of 2020.

Just because our school year is coming to a close, our prayers do not.  We continue to pray for our families, our front line workers, our city, state, and nation, as well as our planet.  As we sing each morning in chapel, “In His hands are the caverns of the earth, and the heights of the hills are his also.”  He is with us all as we journey through this time of COVID.

I am humbled and awed by the hard work that has been done at All Saints.  From teachers, to students, to parents, to administrators, to grandparents – not only have we survived, we’ve thrived!  Thank you so much.

Chapel each morning at 8 has been a joy this spring. Thank you to everyone who has joined in for worship and prayer. It has been a most special time.  Special thank you to Mr. Hutch and his family, to Campbell and Camryn Howe, and to Tilly the dog for their guidance and appearances.

I am planning on continuing Morning Chapel this summer.  I’ll be sending out a communication on the whens and wheres soon.

God is good.  Breathe deep this summer.  Look around and find someone to help. And know that you are loved, completely!

Blessings, Chaplain Paige+

Health and Wellness

New 12 Tips for Grocery Shopping During the Pandemic

Immunization and Well-Check Visits Continue

State Immunization Requirements Remain in Effect during the pandemic.  Please see the attached charts:

2020-2021 Preschool-Pre-Kindergarten Immunization Requirements

2020-2021 K-12 Immunization Requirements


There are additional vaccine doses required for children entering Kindergarten and Seventh Grade. There are vaccines that are recommended for most children annually and especially for certain age groups.  Please contact your healthcare provider or our Health Coordinator, Lisa Rozean if you have any questions.

Well-child care should occur within the child’s medical home where continuity of care may be established and maintained. Healthcare providers are using strategies to separate well visits from sick visits.

These visits provide the physician/healthcare provider the opportunity to screen for medical problems, to promote good health, allow time to answer parents’ or caregivers’ questions, provide age-appropriate guidance, and provide immunizations.

A Special Note from Nurse Lisa and Nurse Debbie:  It has been a huge blessing to be able to serve you and your children this year. There is no greater joy than to be able to spend time with children and watch them as they grow and mature. Seeing their bright smiles as they acquire new skills, hearing their laughter in the hallways, listening to their entertaining stories, and even hearing them share “insider secrets” is priceless!

Wash your hands, cover your faces, and know you are loved and appreciated!  Virtual Hugs and Kisses from the dynamic duo!

 Nurse Lisa and Nurse Debbie

All School News

New Student Assistance Fund

The All Saints Board of Trustees are creating a new fund to provide additional tuition assistance above and beyond what is normally offered.  The extraordinary circumstances of the COVID 19 outbreak have created unexpected financial challenges.  In order to provide support to current ASES families who have been adversely affected by the pandemic,  additional tuition assistance will become available.  Please contact Paige McKay in the Admissions Office or Valerie Tucker in the Business Office for more information about applying for aid.
A campaign is underway to raise funds for the new round of tuition assistance.  If you are able to help provide support for our school family with a contribution to the new Student Assistance Fund, please contact Advancement Director Celeste Thompson:



BIG progress is being made as the finishing touches are being put on the new facilities.  We can’t wait for you to see them!

A  BIG celebration will take place when we are safely able to be together.

Really BIG thanks to everyone who has offered time, leadership, and contributions to create BIG new opportunities for our students!

If you want to help make an exciting future for your student and others there is still time to make a gift and/or dedicate a gear for the new building.  We’ll keep these opportunities open through the end of May – Contact Celeste Thompson at

Robotics Team Produce Face Shield Components for First Responders

Aycock Receives a Second Military Appointment

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, it’s really difficult to get into a military academy with an overall acceptance rate of approximately 9.6 percent.  But one All Saints Episcopal School senior has accomplished an almost impossible feat by being accepted into not just one military academy this year but two academies.

Senior Samuel Foster Aycock was surprised by Congressman Jodey Arrington February 7 when the Congressman announced Aycock had received a congressional appointment to the United States Military Academy (USMA) in West Point, New York.

But lightning did strike Aycock twice when Congressman Arrington notified him again recently that he also has received a congressional appointment to the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

“I will be attending the United States Military Academy at West Point,” Aycock said. “The Army has always been my preferred branch. West Point also has Chemical Engineering as an offered major.”  Aycock said if he had chosen to attend the Naval Academy he would have majored in some form of engineering, but that the Naval Academy does not offer Chemical Engineering, which is his preferred major.

Aycock is the first All Saints graduate to have received appointments into two military academies. He is joined with classmate senior Anthony Paone as being the first two All Saints students to receive military appointments.  Paone accepted his appointment into the United States Air Force Academy in March. They will be the first seniors to wear the Honor Military Cords during the All Saints’ graduation ceremony in June.

Applying to a military academy seemed like the right thing to do to Aycock. “I love my country, and I have always considered military service. I believe that serving is a duty for me to fulfill,” he said.

Aycock enrolled in All Saints two years ago as a junior when his family moved from Shreveport, Louisiana.  He is the son of Emily and Dr. Richard Aycock.  His sister, Ella, and brother, Owen, also attend All Saints.

“Sam’s appointment to the United States Military Academy is an honor for the Aycock family, All Saints Episcopal School, and the greater Lubbock community,” Headmaster Bruce Latta said. “West Point is getting a young man of remarkable character, focus, and determination. Sam has many talents, and he will serve his country exceptionally well. We’re all very proud of him.”


The music accompaniment in the LS art videos is a collection of performances by the All Saints Band and Orchestra students. Enjoy these beautiful works of art created by our talented lower school students and thank you to Mrs. Guerra for putting these together for all of us to enjoy.

Kindergarten Art

PreFirst Art

First Grade Art

Second Grade Art

Third Grade Art

Fourth Grade Art

Middle School Art
Created By Mrs. Sizer

High School Art
Created By Mrs. Sizer

LS, MS & HS Theatre
Created By Mrs. Chanda


MS Cheer

The Middle School Cheerleaders are gearing up for another great year of CHEER! Mr. Hutchinson sent out an email to all Middle School families on Friday, May 8 with details. If you are interested, please contact Angie Lane 806.789.8915 for more information. Contracts are due, May 15!



Our High School faculty and students came together for a zoom meeting on Monday night to announce academic awards for the 2019-2020 school year. A Patriot Scholar Award was given to the student with the highest GPA for each class offered.  After all of the Patriot Scholar Awards were announced, the students anxiously awaited the big announcement of the evening, the Proven Patriot Awards.  Proven Patriot Awards celebrate students that show good character in all that they do and exemplify the All Saints Way.  There is a lot of talent at All Saints and to be recognized among your peers is worthy of great celebration.  Congratulations to each of you!


Pre AP English I – Portia Clary & Campbell Howe
Pre AP English II – Alex Mercer
AP English III – Sebastian Whitaker
AP English IV – Hayley Latta
PSAT – Spencer Johnson
AP Capstone Seminar – Ash Bumstead & George Lipe
AP Capstone Research – Hayley Latta


Pre AP Geometry – Campbell Howe
Pre AP Algebra II – Campbell Howe
Advanced Integrated Math – Ross Rogers
Pre Calculus Pre-AP – Ash Bumstead
AP Statistics – Stephanie Hasselkus
AP Calculus – Stephanie Hasselkus


Pre AP Biology – Portia Clary
Pre AP Chemistry – Chase Farnsworth
Forensics – Abby Schlehuber
Anatomy & Physiology – Stephanie Hasselkus
AP Biology – Anthony Paone
AP Chemistry – Ash Bumstead
AP Environmental Science – George Lipe
AP Physics I – Ash Bumstead
AP Physics C – Sam Aycock

Social Studies:

AP Human Geography – Portia Clary & Alex Mercer
AP US History – Sebastian Whitaker
AP Economics – Stephanie Hasselkus
AP Government – Stephanie Hasselkus
AP Psychology – Aria Mortensen
AP Comparative Government – Sam Aycock
JV Mock Trial – Portia Clary
Varsity Mock Trial – Stephanie Hasselkus

Fine Arts:

Band – Jackson Janes
Choir – Mason Woods
Orchestra – Hayley Latta
Theatre – Bennett Cardelli
Art – Sara Carothers
Graphic Design & Illustration – Abby Schlehuber &
Kate King

World Language:

Pre AP Latin 2 – Abigail Barritt
Pre AP Latin 3 – Caleb Hillin
AP Latin 4 – Sebastian Whitaker
Russian II – Emma Condra
Pre AP Spanish 2 – Diego Cervera & Campbell Howe
Pre AP Spanish 3 – Alex Mercer
AP Spanish 4 – Ash Bumstead


Journalism/Beginning Yearbook – Portia Clary
Journalism/Advanced Yearbook – Ellyn Brashear & Abby Schlehuber
Debate – Anthony Paone
Robotics – Anthony Paone

Proven Patriot Awards


Lauren Bayouth
Mattie Matthews
Rowe Osborne


Chase Farnsworth
Alex Mercer
Ashby Whitaker


Ash Bumstead
Vincent Paone
Sebastian Whitaker


Athletic Updates
All athletic activities for the summer for both middle school and high school are still suspended per federal, state & local guidelines.  We are closely monitoring all updates from all regulatory agencies.  Ultimately All Saints will follow the guidance from the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) as they work in conjunction with the University Interscholastic League (UIL) to ensure the safest protocols for the resocialization of Texas’ interscholastic student-athletes.  We will continue to update students and parents and will return to activities as soon as we can ensure the safety of the participants and coaches.  If specific questions arise please feel free to contact Robert Brashear at

Potential Pre-Season Starting Dates for High School & Middle School Volleyball, Football & Cross Country
Pre-season practice for both middle school and high school fall sports (volleyball, football & cross country) are currently still scheduled to start on their original start dates.  Following are the scheduled start dates:

High School – Monday, August 3
Middle School – Monday, August 10th

As referenced earlier, these dates are subject to change per official guidance from governing agencies, but as of now, we are proceeding with planning and preparation based on this schedule.  More sport-specific information and detailed schedules will be coming to the parents of students who are signed up for fall sports in middle school and high school.

Athletic Physicals/Medical History Clearance
Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the requirements on pre-participation athletic physicals and medical history forms have been adjusted.  For the 2020-21 academic school year, every student that had a cleared pre-participation physical signed by a doctor this past year will be able to use that physical again this year.  All sixth-graders, ninth-graders (high school freshmen) and any new students will need a new pre-participation physical examination administered and signed by a doctor.  If a student’s current physical is cleared but indicates a significant medical condition they will also require a new physical examination.

All students in grades 6-12 will require a parent-signed medical history form.  Pre-participation physical forms and well as the medical history forms will be located on the school website as well as emailed to all middle school and high school parents.  Please feel free to contact Robert Brashear at with any questions.