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Patriot Night is an evening set aside for our middle school student athletes to come together and share stories, pictures, and good food.  But most importantly, it is an opportunity for our coaching staff to “brag” on our middle school athletes and reminisce about the successes of the past year.

All of the athletes were recognized for their participation, but one individual from each sport is given our Patriot Award.  The Patriot Award is a special honor recognizing the athlete’s character, hard work, leadership and dedication to their sport.

The following athletes received the Patriot Award:

  • Football:  Preston Schmid
  • Volleyball:  Belle Burkes
  • Cross Country:  Ross Rogers
  • Basketball:  Emma Keller
  • Basketball:  Ash Bumstead and Luke Maples
  • Track and Field:  Charlie Robinson
  • Track and Field:  Reagan Ann Thompson
  • Tennis:  Noura Malki
  • Tennis:  Yash Mittal
  • Golf:  Jackson Morris
  • Golf:  Emily Payne

Kenneth H. Bastian, Jr. Patriot Pride Athletic Award:

  • Paige Schlehuber
  • Charlie Robinson

The highlight of the evening is the announcement of the Kenneth H. Bastian, Jr. Patriot Pride Athletic Award.  This award is received by one girl and one boy and it is the greatest honor bestowed upon our middle school athletes.  Kenneth Bastian was a public servant, educator and athlete.  He served as our Headmaster from 1986-1996.  “This is a day from the heart,” he told his students and teachers the day he left All Saints.  One of Bastian’s goals at All Saints was to instill a sense of public service in his students.  He is remembered for his great character and heart and this award is given to the Middle School Athlete that embodies these same ideals.  These are students that have worked hard, showed great sportsmanship on and off the court and have been dedicated to their sport or sports.

This year’s recipients are Paige Schlehuber and Charlie Robinson!