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Enriching the chapel experience is always on the hearts of the leadership team at All Saints.    In order to accelerate the meaningfulness of the homily for each individual,  the leadership team has decided to present the homily in four age appropriate services and languages.    The traditional chapel service results in the homily being presented to all ages – PLC through adulthood, which makes it hard for the lesson to be presented in terms meaningful to all ages.

The same lesson will be taught in all four services each day, but the presentation will be age appropriate for each service.  Chaplain Paige McKay will preside over the PLC, Lower School and Middle School Chapel Services.   Lindy Long will preside over the High School Chapel Service.  The four chapel services will always be held on Blue calendar days.

.All-school chapel will be held on certain days throughout the year.  All- school Eucharist will be held at least monthly throughout the year.

Here is the chapel schedule:

PLC – Kindergarten:  Red Days:  Chapel in Jones Gym at 8 a.m., Blue Days: Chapel in the PLC at 9:30 a.m.

Lower School (pre-1st-4th grade):  Red Days:   Chapel in Jones Gym at 8 a.m., Blue Days:   Chapel in the Jones Gym at 8 a.m.

Middle School (5th-8th grade):  Red Days:  Chapel in Jones Gym at 8a.m., Blue Days:   Chapel in the Kirby Commons at 8:50 a.m., On Wednesdays, *MS will work with Dr. George Comiskey and will work with various facets of servant leadership.

High School:  Red Days:   *Enrichment Period, which will   feature a variety of meaningful     opportunities from which students can choose.  *Blue Days:  Chapel in the Kirby Commons at 9:35 a.m.  *On Wednesdays, HS will work with Dr. George Comiskey on various facets of servant leadership.

Clint Barrick will continue as the organist for all services in the Jones Gym. Students will continue to acolyte and special music offerings will still take place on Fridays in the various chapel services.  Leaders in each age division will make chapel announcements. Birthdays celebrations will still take place in all chapel services and siblings are encouraged to attend their family’s birthday celebrations in all the chapel services.

*Currently, High School students are participating in a variety of grade-level activities during Enrichment Period on Red Days, which includes juniors participating in PSAT Prep, seniors completing college applications, and freshmen and sophomores participating in teen leadership activities lead by Marty Montoya.

*Middle School will participate in a variety of servant leadership opportunities, which includes working with Melinda Gunn (5th grade teacher) to provide items for a needy school in Costa Rica.  Ms. Gunn volunteered at the school for a month in Costa Rica last summer and knows of many ways All Saints can aid the Costa Rican school.  The students will also aid the South Plains Food Bank in many ways and will participate in teen mentoring with the lower school students.