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Last spring, 3 All Saints moms started a new program called Patriot Pantry.   Through the leadership of Angie Lane, Audra Smith, and Kathleen Burrell this program is now up and running!  Lane is happy to share that 3 families received meals between May and August.

Patriot Pantry is a meal giving program that enables families the opportunity to help out other Patriot families during illness, new babies, deaths, and times of need.  “This program has been on our hearts to start for a few years now,” Angie and Chris Lane said.   They want to do something to give back to the families that were so caring and loving to them through a very hard couple of years, while their girls went through open heart surgeries.  “It’s not a hand me down, it’s a way that friends can feel like they are helping in a difficult time, ”Angie said.   Most folks have received a meal or have been a part of a meal system at work, church, or within another group, it makes sense to have this program available here at All Saints.

A list of families willing to provide meals or help with a meal has been compiled.  When there’s a family in need, an email will be sent to those folks on the list and at that time you can sign up to bring food, drinks, desserts, etc…

Families in need will most of the time be brought to Chaplain Paige’s attention, and she  will work with Patriot Pantry to get a plan set up, or if you know of someone you can email the Patriot Pantry directly at This email will also allow you to contact Angie, Audra and Kathleen to get on the email list to help provide meals. The group has already planned to help a family that will need meals in September.