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What is Pig Day and why do we celebrate it?

National Pig Day (officially March 1st) was started by Mrs. Ellen Stanley (former All Saints art teacher) in 1972.  Mrs. Stanley recognized the intelligence of domesticated pigs and sought for everyone to spend the day being thankful for them.

All Saints has a long tradition of celebrating National Pig Day.  We have the always fun Pig Races, art contests, all beef (or turkey) hot dogs for lunch and fun snacks.  In the past, we’ve even had a visit from a group of piglets and a pig ice sculpture.

Each year we raise money for the Heifer Foundation. The foundation donates pigs and other types of animals to families all over the world. Many of these animals are used for milk or eggs to provide income for their families.  We take a percentage of the lunch fee and all of the race/tshirt fee and give it to the Heifer Foundation.  They have some wonderful information on their website: