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Congratulations to Rohan Felton (5) on winning this year’s Middle School Spelling Bee on  January 18. Rohan will represent ASES in the Regional Spelling Bee next month. The meet lasted 35 rounds, with Rohan and Diego Cervera (6) battling head-to-head for the last 29 rounds. Congratulations to Caleb Hillin (7), Scott Sanford (6), and Laura Carothers (8) for rounding out the top five.

The Lower School Spelling Bee was conducted on January 25.  After several exciting rounds, the bee came down to fourth graders Jess Gaines and Maya Vermillion. After correctly spelling A-R-T-I-L-L-E-R-Y, Jess was declared winner. Congratulations to Jess, Maya, and all of our spellers!

Middle School 2nd and 1st Place

Lower School 1st and 2nd Place