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Sophomore Sebastian Whitaker had the experience of a lifetime in February as he served as a delegate with approximately 300 students from around the world at the Model G-20 Summit in Beijing, China.

The Knovva Academy host the Model G20 Youth Leadership Summit in hopes of bringing together high school students from around the world for a five-day, fully experiential learning experience. Students participate in interactive workshops, lectures, and classes based on real G20 topics, then turn knowledge into action, drafting agreements and strategically networking with other G20 countries.

“At the Summit, I learned about global issues and negotiation techniques used by countries to solve these problems. We had amazing speakers everyday from all over the world,” Whitaker said. “Then, we were assigned a country to represent and began negotiating with other countries to improve and advance our assigned country. I was assigned President of Mexico. At the end of the Summit, we held mock press conferences to answer questions.”

“I would absolutely recommend for anyone to apply for the Model G20 Summit,” Whitaker said. “The 12-hour days are long, but you learn so much and it is so fun. I learned what the G20 is, as well as negotiation techniques. I learned about global perspectives on issues affecting the whole world. Also, I learned that the actions of every country affect all the others so there must be cooperation between nations.”

He is eligible to apply for Knova’s Y20 Summit in which a group of G20 delegates are invited to attend the actual G20 Summit and present to the leaders of the G20 countries issues facing young people around the world.