Lunch Program

All Saints Episcopal School has selected EZ School Apps for our school lunch management software.  This product offers the All Saints community a safe and secure way to pay for student meals online from any browser using EZ Parent Center (  It also provides a parent and student the opportunity to discuss meal options and then preorder meals online.  All orders must be placed one week in advance.   After signing up you will have the opportunity to:
  • Select and order meals for your student online.
  • Use your credit card to deposit money into your student(s) account anytime from anywhere using any browser.
  • View your student’s account balances 24/7.
  • Track your student’s payments and purchases.
  • Receive notifications when your student’s account balance is low.
  • View the school’s menu options.
  • There is convenience fees for the use of a credit or debit card
Enjoy the convenience of online ordering, online payments, and the opportunity to view your student’s account 24/7. EZ Parent Center – Sign Up Instructions

Lunch Cost

With the pandemic challenges, restaurant costs have gone up and the price for vendor lunches will go up as well.  The new price for vendor lunches will be $7.  For meals prepared in-house, the price will remain the same at $6.  All prices will be listed on the EZ school app ordering system.

New Snack and Drink Offerings

We will be adding some new “extra” snack items to the school menu this year.  Ice cream will be available for $1.  In addition to milk and water, additional drinks have been added including apple, grape and orange juice.


Microwaves will be moved back to Kirby Commons and students will be allowed to heat their own lunches again.

Food Delivery

Food delivery by a parent to campus will be allowed during the school year.  If you wish to deliver a meal to your child, please label it and drop it off at the school’s main office. With security our top priority, we will no longer allow food delivery from online ordering and delivery companies (i.e. Uber Eats, DoorDash, etc…).

Parent Lunch with Children

Parents will be welcome to join their children for lunch on campus this year.  All guests must check-in through the school office and obtain a visitor pass before entering the lunch area.

Students Without Lunch

Students who come to school without food for lunch will be provided an emergency meal. The kitchen will have the following options available:  mac and cheese, pancakes in a cup or cereal with a side and drink.   Parents will be billed separately for the cost of providing a child with an unexpected lunch.  The cost of an emergency meal is $3.