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Lower School

A Letter from Our Lower School Division Head

As we cross the finish line to the end of the school year and begin switching gears to “Summer Mode”, I wanted to reach out and provide you with some guidance on suggested summer educational activities for your child.

I am a firm believer that students and parents need a break during the summer, time to rest, recharge, and have fun! However, many research studies have shown that students can lose up to 30% of their learning during the summer months. So, while it is important to take a little break, it is also necessary to keep the brain engaged academically. This work should be meaningful, age and developmentally appropriate, and most importantly, aligned with standards.

Typically, students have come home at the end of the year with a summer work packet. This summer, we will be trying a new approach, and hope that your child will participate and enjoy what we recommend for them.

SUMMER BRIDGE WORKBOOK Please consider purchasing the Summer Bridge Workbook for your child from the following website. Any child who completes the workbook by the return of school in August will be entered into a Surprise Prize Drawing! Students will need to turn in their workbook to show completion! (Workbooks are currently on sale!)

Summer Bridge Workbook Link

SUMMER READING PROGRAM:  Your child came home with a Summer Reading Bingo card and recommended reading lists. The reading lists are also found below on the printable pdf’s.

PreFirst – Fourth Grade Any child who completes a bingo will be entered into a gift card drawing. They can have up to five bingos, and therefore 5 entries. Any child who completes a BLACKOUT will be eligible to be entered into another special prize drawing.

Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten Students should write the title of the book that they read in each bingo square. Students will need to complete a BLACKOUT to be entered into the drawing.

I pray that each one of you enjoy your summer and celebrate BIG the major accomplishment that this particular school year has been! While the campus will be way too quiet without all of your children around, I will eagerly await their return!


Rachel Scranton Lower School Division Head

Middle School

Fifth Grade: Novel – A Long Way From Chicago by Richard Peck. Study Guide is in Google Classroom.

Sixth Grade: Novel – Holes by Louis Sachar. Study Guide is in Google Classroom.

Seventh and Eighth Grade:
Students will be reading a novel and then watching the movie adaptation. Using tools provided in a packet from Mrs. Barritt, students will write a comparison essay between the book and movie.

For extra credit, students may read one of the other books associated with their book choice– those listed after the book/movie choices. Students will write a simple comparison paragraph between the original book choice and the extra credit book. The extra credit project, if completed to the required standards, earns an additional point on next year’s English 1st quarter average.

Printable PDF:  Seventh and Eighth Grade English Summer Reading Assignment

High School

Ninth Grade:  Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds
Tenth Grade: Night  by Elie Wiesel

Night Annotation Guide (Tenth Grade)Summer of 2021 Pre-AP English II Reading Assignment (Tenth Grade)

Eleventh GradeDeath of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

Classroom Information Summer 2021 (Eleventh Grade)

Twelfth Grade:  1984 by George Orwell

Summer Assignment (AP Seminar)