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April 29, 2020

Table of Contents

– Class of 2020

– Need Help/Want to Help?

– Calendar of Events

– Online Chapel

Anthony Paone
– Jackson Drake

– MS Building Project Update
– Share Distance Learning Pics
– Dining Out in April

– Storytime with Mrs. Scranton
– ASES Tricycle Rodeo

– Sixth Grade Biographies

– Division Head Update



The Class of 2020 is special.  They are hard-working.  They are funny.  They are resourceful.  They are athletic.  They are talented.  They are brave.  They have faced this pandemic with perseverance and buckets of grace.  Your All Saints community is proud of your accomplishments and we look forward to celebrating each of you in the weeks to come.

Graduation is a time for looking forward but also a time for looking back and reminiscing. As they reflect on their time at All Saints, our seniors have graciously shared how their high school experience has helped them prepare for the next chapter in their lives and some of their fondest memories.

There is only one more issue of the Patriot Passages before their official last day of school.  This issue will spotlight nine of our seniors and the May 13 issue will highlight the remaining seniors.

Gage Clary

While at All Saints, I have learned how to communicate with my teachers and feel confident speaking in front of people.  Speech class really helped build my confidence. These are skills that I feel will help me in college.

One of my most memorable high school experiences was being recognized by the Lubbock Women’s Club and receiving the DAR Good Citizen Award.  That was very meaningful to me. 

Stephanie Hasselkus

During my time at All Saints, I have learned the importance of staying organized and knowing how to balance my time between school, sports, and my social life.

Everyone in the All Saints community has always been so supportive and encouraging.  However, my time at All Saints wouldn’t have been the same without Mrs. Belk. Her door was always open. I think I stopped by at least once a day, and she always made time for me. Mrs. Belk has been like another parent and I couldn’t have made it without her.  I have so many special memories with my friends and all of the wonderful school trips.  It’s hard to only name a few.

Anthony Paone

I have learned valuable leadership skills at All Saints that I am certain will help me be successful at the Air Force Academy.  The science competitions really helped boost my confidence by allowing me to put my skills to work and prove myself. 

I will always remember and be grateful to Mrs. Belk for the guidance she provided through the complex application process to the Air Force Academy.  All Saints helped my dream of going there become a reality.

Jackson Janes

Time Management is one of the most important skills I’ve learned while at All Saints.  Balancing a challenging class load along with my athletic schedule has forced me to manage my time well and taught me valuable lessons. 

Sports have been an important part of my high school experience.  Being on the basketball team that brought home our school’s first TAPPS 2A state championship title was very special to me and a memory that I will always remember. 

Ellyn Brashear

As part of the AP Capstone program, I developed research skills that I will definitely put to good use in college. Along with strong research skills, All Saints has given me lots of experience in public speaking, and it has definitely helped build my confidence. 

The most special part of my entire experience at All Saints was my participation in cross country.

Kate King

The teachers at All Saints have taught me how to study.  With their help and guidance, I feel that I am beginning a new chapter at Texas Tech with strong study skills and confidence.   

One of my favorite memories at All Saints is reading in chapel.  Not only did I learn to enjoy this, but it also helped me to feel more comfortable speaking in public.  Finally, my years on the All Saints Tennis team are some of my fondest memories.  There were countless laughs and lots of learning.

Hayley Latta

The writing and critical thinking skills that I developed while in Mrs. Ryan and Ms. Kingston’s classes have helped prepare me for the next chapter.  In addition to great teachers, I have also been able to participate in academic competitions at Texas Tech and the Red Raider Start-Up program.  These opportunities have helped me feel more confident in myself. 

In addition to academics, sports have also been a part of my high school experience.  I became much more confident in my abilities as a volleyball player while at All Saints.

Austin Farnsworth

All Saints has given me the skills to handle a large workload and I know those skills will serve me well in college at Florida State University. 

What I have gained and will remember as unique and special from my time at All Saints is a greater love of learning.  I am grateful to the math teachers at All Saints.  Through their teaching, I have learned to love math.

Samuel Aycock

All Saints has taught me how to hold myself accountable and put in the work that is needed to succeed.  I now realize that hard work does pay off and I’m grateful to All Saints for helping me see that. 

I will always remember sitting in Mrs. Belk’s office and receiving the phone call from Congressman Arrington informing me that I had been accepted to the United States Military Academy. I am truly grateful to the All Saints faculty for helping me achieve my dream of going to West Point.

Mattie Thwaits

All Saints has helped prepare me for college by teaching me to keep up with my work and stay organized.  I have felt tremendous support from the teachers and staff at All Saints, and this support has helped to build my confidence. 

The closeness of this community and the many things that are available here that are not available at other schools is what makes this school unique and special.

Seniors Receive Yard Signs

College Acceptance for Seniors

All eighteen All Saints Seniors have now made their decision and acceptance of where they will be going to college in the fall.  Below is a list of seniors and the colleges they will attend.  Congratulations to these outstanding young men and women!

Samuel Aycock – U.S. Military Academy at West Point

Ellyn Brashear – Oklahoma State University

Gage Clary – Texas Tech University

Jackson Drake – Oral Roberts University

Austin Farnsworth – Florida State University

Stephanie Hasselkus – Pepperdine University

Elise Headrick – Abilene Christian University

Jackson Janes – Texas Tech University

Laken Koepp – Yonsei University – Underwood International College

Katherine King – Texas Tech University

Hayley Latta – Case Western Reserve University

Garrett Matthews – Texas Tech University

Ella Moran – University of Texas

Aria Mortensen – Brigham Young University

Anthony Paone – U.S. Air Force Academy

Abby Schlehuber – Texas Tech University

Mattie Twaits – Texas Tech University

Ryan Tucker – Lubbock Christian University

This is Why We Choose All Saints

Health and Wellness

Need Help/Want to Help?

Please respond using this form if you need help or if you are in a position to offer help to someone else. Forms will be submitted to Chaplain Paige who will then share with those who can best provide assistance.

“Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act.” ~ Proverbs 3:27

Looking Ahead

Division Heads will communicate directly with parents this week about the last day of distance education classes, end-of-year events and logistics. The details vary by division, but online classes will conclude prior to May 22.

Chapel Notes

Blessings to you all this beautiful day that the Lord has made!

Our time in 8:00am Chapel has been special.  God is gifting us with wonderful reminders of His creation each day.  From birds chirping, to gentle breezes, to Tilly the dog dropping in, God is showing us that He is with us during the pandemic.  We will continue to gather on the School’s Facebook page ( each morning at 8:00 AM.  I’m usually there about five minutes early if you want to pop in early with your family and your red Book of Common Prayer for a quick shout out.  If Facebook or 8:00am isn’t your thing, remember that the recordings are posted on the Online Chapel area on our website.  Thank you, Cindy Taylor, for making that happen.  Every Single Morning!

High School Chapel Time has been a wonderful gift this spring.  The high schoolers and several of their teachers have been gathering twice a week as a group of friends founded in friendship and fellowship.  Coach Brashear has been walking through a worthy exercise in getting our minds and spirits rooted in the positive as we navigate these times. Thank you, Coach!

I am grateful for the families who have reached out with concerns or offers to help.  They are important and am grateful to be a resource for you.  Know that I am here for you, and am only a call, text, Facebook message, or voicemail away.  Need some Zoom time?  Let me know, and we will make it happen.

Peace to you all and may your Buckets of Grace be endless!


Chaplain Paige+

Daily chapel features prayers from the Book of Common Prayer, beginning on page 80.

Patriot Spotlight

Paone Receives Appointment to the Air Force Academy

Senior Anthony Paone received a pleasant surprise during the school’s High School Chapel on March 9 when a video sent by Congressman Jodey Arrington was played to the entire high school student body saying, “It was his privilege and honor to nominate outstanding young men and young women for the United States Military Academies. I received word recently that a student from All Saints has been accepted into the Air Force Academy and that student is Anthony Paone!”  ”

All Saints videoed Paone’s reaction as he realized the announcement was to honor him. Congressman Arrington’s office merged the video of Arrington’s announcement with the school’s video. The video has been aired on social media and the link is posted here also

“Anthony is a young man of character who values his moral compass, and he doesn’t lower his standards to accommodate others.  He possesses an inspiring work ethic and a unique ability to thrive outside of his comfort zone,” All Saints Athletic Director Robert Brashear said. “The United States Air Force Academy, the United States Air Force and the United States of America will benefit from Anthony’s efforts and leadership.  We are all so proud of Anthony, and we look forward to watching and supporting his journey.”

Another symbolic moment of the video is Robert Brashear’s draping of the Military Honor Cords on Paone’s shoulders. Brashear played collegiate basketball at the Air Force Academy and has mentored Paone as he completed the application requirements. The Honor Cords symbolize the passing of the torch from one Air Force Cadet to another Air Force Cadet.

“I have wanted to attend a military academy since I started high school,” Paone said. “I chose to apply to the USAFA because I can serve and protect my country as an Astronautical Engineer.  My career goals are to work as an engineer in the Air Force developing new technologies and working with a company specializing in asteroid mining or any other space-related economic venture.”

Paone is the first All Saints graduate to have received an appointment into the Air Force Academy.  He is joined with Samuel Aycock (West Point) as the first All Saints graduates to have received military appointments, which is significant since their graduating class contains only 18 students.  They will be the first All Saints seniors to graduate wearing the Military Honor Cords.

“Anthony has accomplished a great deal at All Saints, and I think we’re just scratching the surface of what is to come,” All Saints Head of School Bruce Latta said. “He has much to offer, and given the training he will receive at the United States Air Force Academy, I think we are seeing the beginning of what will be an impressive career of leadership and service.”

Paone enrolled in All Saints as a five-year old in Kindergarten. He is the son of Dr. Ralph and Mrs. Deana Paone.  He has two younger brothers, Joseph and Vincent who also attend All Saints. Anthony’s twin brother, Dominic, also attended All Saints and is a senior at Lubbock High.

“Anthony is a stellar reflection of integrity, loyalty to country and willingness to serve others.  His strong moral character and ethics are integral parts of his nomination to the United States Air Force Academy,” All Saints Episcopal School Division Head Tammy Edmonson said.  “Being a well-rounded and self-disciplined academic student at All Saints, along with involvement in extracurricular activities such as robotics, debate, cross country, swimming and track has allowed Anthony to stand out among others as he pursued his passions.”

Paone has received the high school’s highest award, the Proven Patriot Award, each year. He competes on the school’s Cross Country, Track, and Swim teams on the state level and even won the 2019 TAPPS 2A State Championship in the 500 Freestyle swim contest.  Paone also competes in numerous academic events at the TAPPS State Academic Competitions including Band, Debate and Robotics. In addition, he competes with the Robo Raiders, a local robotics team.  The Robo Raiders advanced to the Robotic World Championships last year.  Paone also enjoys competing in bowling and weight-training.  As a blacksmith, he enjoys creating knives, axes, and pens.

“Anthony is an extraordinary young man. Talented, skilled, intelligent. Anthony leads in a quiet, unassuming manner,” All Saints Counselor Gwen Belk said. “He reminds me of the quote – ‘Still water runs deep.’  He is a thinker and a doer and an inventor. He truly embodies the motto of the United States Air Force – Integrity first, Service before self, Excellence in all we do.”

His interest in aviation and aerospace will serve him very well since a huge part of the Air Force Academy experience involves flying, unmanned aerial systems, and space courses. “I want to design and manufacture aircraft for the Air Force or work in space in satellite operations,” Paone said. “I do want to work for the Space Force during my time in the Air Force and possibly NASA after my time in the Air Force. I am not required to fly, but I plan to fly gliders while I am at the Air Force Academy.”

“Applying for the military academy was relatively easy. The process / paperwork for my nomination was the most difficult part,” Paone said. “With Mrs. Belk’s guidance, I was able to complete the paperwork that was needed and obtained my letters of recommendation.  I hand-delivered documents to Congressman Arrington’s office and mailed the same documents to the offices of Senator Ted Cruz and Senator John Cornyn. Waiting for the nomination was the hardest part.”

Paone said he is especially grateful to his high school counselor for her guidance and encouragement during the application process. “Mrs. Belk made the process manageable,” he said.

“I have no doubt that Anthony will be supremely successful at the United States Air Force Academy and in his career that will follow,” Mrs. Belk said. “It has been a great pleasure to have Anthony at All Saints Episcopal School and an even greater pleasure to know that I was able to serve him as his counselor.”

His high school division head believes Paone will not have trouble transitioning to the rigors of the Air Force Academy.

“Through Anthony’s determination and constant pursuit of excellence, I know he will continue this expectation for himself and serve his country well,” Edmonson said.

The Air Force Academy requires not only outstanding academic achievements and leadership qualities, but applicants must complete rigorous physical tests that are videotaped and submitted to the Academy for evaluation. Many of his high school teachers worked with Paone to ensure he completed the application requirements to the best of his abilities. He credits the All Saints faculty for his success.

“Chemistry Teacher Matt Ryan, AP Seminar Teacher Pam Ryan, English Teacher Sharon Kingston, Headmaster Bruce Latta, Counselor Gwen Belk, Division Head Tammy Edmonson, and Coach Robert Brashear assisted me with my applications and my letters of recommendation,” Paone said. “Coach Brashear also helped me prepare for the fitness test. Mrs. Belk made sure all applications for nominations were complete, phone calls were made, documents were delivered and deadlines were met.”

Senior Jackson Drake Shares Backyard Golf Tips

This past Monday marked the original date of the 7th Annual Swing for the Future Golf Tournament.  Each year the Booster Club invites a celebrity golfer to be auctioned off and play with the winning golf team.  This year’s celebrity golfer was going to be our very own All Saints Senior and Oral Roberts Signee Jackson Drake.  In light of the ongoing social distancing, Jackson has graciously agreed to share some tips for improving your golf swing that can be practiced at home in your backyard.  The video is only three minutes but packed full of great information.

“A big thank you to Jackson,” said Athletic Director Robert Brashear.  “It has truly been a privilege to have Jackson as a student-athlete at All Saints.  This spring he would have been leading the All Saints boy’s team in pursuit of their fourth consecutive state championship.  We certainly wish Jackson the best, and we will eagerly follow his collegiate career at Oral Roberts University.”

Thank you to all of our past sponsors and participants.  We hope to see everyone in the fall for the rescheduled 7th Annual Swing for the Future Golf Tournament on Monday, October 5, 2020.

All School News

Middle School Building Update

April 2020 – Backside of the MS Building

The story of All Saint’s newest facilities is more than seeing a new building constructed on our campus.  It’s a story about envisioning new learning opportunities, creating new innovative spaces for student engagement, and of course, the heroes in this story are the donors who have given to make it all possible.  Stay tuned for the exciting chapters to follow when we are able to see the new spaces and celebrate all you have accomplished!

Currently, our campaign has raised over $3.5 million and you are invited to be a part of this exciting project by adding a donation, pledge, or purchasing one of the gears to be displayed in the new facilities.  The campaign will conclude on May 31st.  Campaign information is available on the All Saints website. To make a gift or learn more, contact Celeste Thompson at

Distance Learning Pictures Requested

We are working on a project to commemorate this online experience and would love to have a “distance learning” picture of every student at All Saints.  Please send your pictures to


Storytime with Mrs. Scranton

Last week Lower School Division Head Rachel Scranton began reading a book online called Strongheart: Wonder Dog of the Silver Screen by Candace Fleming. Your child can follow along with her as she reads.  Chapters will be posted each night at 7pm to the school’s Facebook page.

This is a great tool for busy parents that need a little downtime.  Let Mrs. Scranton have reading time with your child and you enjoy a much deserved break!

ASES Virtual Tricycle Rodeo

The Tricycle Rodeo is a beloved tradition at All Saints and one that has continued to move forward even with distance learning in place. A special thank you to All Saints parent Angie Lane and all of the parents who sent in your child’s video and made this special tradition come to life in the virtual world!

Enjoy this Hee Haw fun!


Biographies Go Virtual
Sixth Grade Biographies are a much-anticipated part of the sixth grade educational experience at All Saints.  This is a tradition that wasn’t going to be missed in the transition to distance learning.  We shared some of the costumes in the last issue of the Patriot Passages and now there is more fun and creativity to be shared.  Nice work to our sixth grade students and Mrs. Cooper for bringing this project to the virtual world.


Senior Tables – Pictures Due to Mrs. Smith by Friday!

Even though our seniors are not able to physically set up their “senior” table at school, we still want to showcase our seniors and celebrate them by highlighting these special upcoming graduates for the All Saints community to see!  Senior parents, if your senior would like to participate in this special event, we need you to help.  Please work with your senior to collect memorabilia to display on a table (pictures, items that identify certain activities they have participated, awards they have received, the future college they will attend, etc.); anything meaningful your student wants to showcase. Then, take a picture or two of the table and send to Shelly Smith at 806-438-4618 or email to by Friday.  In the coming weeks, we will spotlight these senior tables through our All Saints social media sites.

High School Chapel

Coach Brashear is leading high school chapel for the remainder of the semester.  His lessons will be based on the book Stay Positive by Jon Gordon.  It focuses on self-improvement, team building and helping us all to embrace servant leadership. The goal is to have some great discussions and give students positive ideas and insight to hold on to each week.  High school chapel takes place each Monday and Thursday at 2:30pm.  All high school students have received an invite by email from Coach Brashear to join the weekly chapel meetings.

SPFB Donation

South Plains Food Bank Receives Donation

The High School students and faculty would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the parents who have donated snacks and/or money to the high school lounge.  A BIG thank you, of course, goes to Stephanie Rogers who spearheads this snack program each year.  This is a very big job.  Stephanie has been a tireless volunteer and has donated her time, money, and many talents.  Your All Saints family is grateful.

She had just replenished the supply closet before it was announced that we would not return to campus for the remainder of this school year.  The snack closet was full of goodies.   With Stephanie’s blessing, the school has delivered all of the snacks to the South Plains Food Bank.

They were THRILLED to receive this donation.  Again, thank you to all of the parents that contributed throughout the year.


Athletic Physicals
All Saints’ Athletic Physical Day previously scheduled for Tuesday, May 19 has been canceled due to the current COVID-19 situation.  Everyone in grades six-twelve will be responsible for obtaining their own athletic physical for next year.  All student-athletes participating in competitive athletics from sixth grade pre-athletics through high school will need a completed physical and Medical History Form on file in the athletic office before they can participate in practices or competitions for the 2020-21 school year.

Updated Athletic Physical and Medical History forms will be emailed out as soon as they are available along with any changes or updates to the current medical clearance protocol for athletics.

New Shooting Machines
Exciting times for All Saints Basketball as two new Shoot-A-Way 8000 shooting machines were recently delivered to Patriot Gym.  The machines were primarily paid for by donations made to the All Saints Booster Club in memory of Bob Brashear, Coach Brashear’s dad, who passed away in January 2018.  “It would make my dad proud to see that the donations given in his memory allowed All Saints Basketball to benefit from these machines.  Growing up my dad was my shooting machine as he rebounded for countless hours for me over the years.  We have wanted some shooting machines for a long time, and they will greatly increase our efficiency in shooting practice.” Coach Brashear