Each year All Saints invites our community to support the school’s academic and learning environment by making a tax-deductible gift to the Annual Fund.  These gifts directly support student programming, technology, athletics, fine arts, and much more.  Because tuition alone does not cover 100% of what is needed to educate a student, the Annual Fund provides the additional revenue needed.

If you would like to give now or make an Annual Fund pledge, please fill out the information below.  Please let us know if your company or employer has a matching gift program.  If you have questions, please contact Celeste Thompson, Director of Institutional Advancement at  cthompson@allsaintsschool.org.

Thank you to our 2018-2019 Annual Fund Donors:

QUORUM OF EXCELLENCE ($15,000 and more)
Mr. Clay and Mrs. Ashley Cash
Mr. Kirk and Mrs. Stephanie Rogers

HEADMASTER’S CIRCLE ($5,000-$9,999)
Mr. Matt and Mrs. Krista Bumstead
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Ann Bumstead
Mr. Shawn and Mrs. Alison Johnson
Mr. Brad and Mrs. Carla Moran
Mr. Bob and Mrs. Amy Muzyka
Dr. Ralph and Mrs. Dee Paone
Dr. Obie and Mrs. Judy Stalcup
Mr. Mike and Mrs. Deena Tyler
Dr. Jason Wischmeyer
Dr. Keith and Mrs. Irma Wisniewski

SAINTS ($1,000-$2,499)
Mr. Dennis B. Arnett
Mrs. Joan Baker
Mr. Joe and Mrs. Pat Brimberry
Diekemper Family Foundation
Mr. L.D. and Mrs. Marsha Eckermann
Ms. Tammy Edmonson
Ms. Michelle Ensminger
Dr. Gurdev and Mrs. Savita Gill
Mr. David and Mrs. Marie Johnson
Dr. John and Mrs. Virginia Jones
Miss Verna Kell
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Emily Latta
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Rachel Maples
Dr. Lawrence Martinelli
Mr. Dustin and Mrs. Jessica Miller
Drs. Kelly & Jennifer Mitchell
Mr. Greg and Mrs. Cheryl Nichols
Mr. Jeff and Mrs. Kelly Shropshire
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Audra Smith
Mr. Chris and Mrs. Diana St. Clair
Ms. Suzanne Stephens
Mr. Trey and Mrs. Mary Katherine Strong
United Supermarkets
Mr. Greg and Mrs. Sarah Westmoreland
Mr. Armour C. Winslow
Mr. Matt and Dr. Shelli Wolfe

FRIENDS (Up to $499)
Mr. Pepper and Mrs. Jennifer Ackers
Mr. Larry Ackers
Ms. Becky Addington
Mr. David and Mrs. Lisa Alderson
Mr. Steve and Mrs. Kelly Beasley
Dr. Klaus Becker and Dr. Terry von Ende
Dr. Mike and Mrs. Sharon Bennett
Mrs. Joyce Bigham
Ms. Katie Boon
Mr. R. L. Bowman
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Jennifer Brashear
Mrs. Annie Bray-Cox
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Kyla Breler
Mr. James and Mrs. Sally Brown
Mr. Eric and Mrs. Kathleen Burrell
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Candance Cameron
Mr. Shawn and Mrs. Emily Cannon
Drs. John and Penny Carpenter
Mr. Fidel and Mrs. Elizabeth Castrejon
Mr. Dennis Chance
Mr. Bob and Mrs. Paula Chanda
Mr. David and Mrs. Karen Chapman
City Bank
Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Darlene Collins
Mr. Delbert and Mrs. Nancy Cooper
Mr. Steve and Mrs. Debbie Copenhaver
Mr. Charley and Mrs. Kay Cross
Mr. Paul Cunningham
Mr. Troy and Mrs. Sonya Davidson
Mr. Lonnie and Mrs. Sherry Davidson
Ms. Misty Deeds
Mr. John and Mrs. Janet Dorrington
Mr. Rufus and Mrs. Marianna Duncan
Ms. Melissa Durham
The Rev. Mike and Mrs. Sue-Ann Ehmer
Mr. Vernon and Mrs. Aurora Farthing
Ms. Rachel C. Fernandez
Mr. Jack A. Flygare
Mr. Wood and Mrs. Missy Franklin
Mr. Don Franks
Dr. Celine A. Godard
Mr. Russell and Mrs. Julie Gore
Dr. James and Mrs. Rebecca Grattan
Ms. Karen Gretzler
Mr. Brent and Mrs. Cindy Guinn
Ms. Melinda Gunn
Mr. Billy Don Hampton

LAUREATE CIRCLE ($10,000-$14,999)
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Paula Key

LEADERSHIP CIRCLE ($2,500-$4,999)
Dr. Jason and Mrs. Mandy Helton
Mr. Jason and Mrs. Caroline Janes
Mrs. Susan Pollard
Mr. William and the Rev. Pat Russell

PATRIOTS ($500-$999)
Alan Henry Insurance Agency
Mr. Pieter and Mrs. Lou Ann Bergstein
Dr. Keith and Mrs. Michelle Brigham
Mr. Harold and Dr. Lady Brown
Dr. Mark and Mrs. Patty D’Alise
Dr. Lou Dunn Diekemper
Dr. Lance and Mrs. Ashley Donaldson
Dr. Patrick and Mrs. Judith Dunne
Dr. Matthew and Mrs. Elizabeth Grisham
Mr. Anthony & Mrs. Melissa Hernandez
Hon. Robert and Dr. Betsy Jones
Mr. Terry and Mrs. Charlene Key
Mr. Brad and Mrs. Amy King
The Rt. Rev. Scott and Mrs. Kathy Mayer
Mr. Clay and Mrs. Susannah Mercer
Mr. LeRoy and Mrs. Marty Montoya
Mr. Matt and Mrs. Jeni Nichols
Mr. Wes and Mrs. Bethany Tolley
Mr. David and Mrs. Janet Tucker
Mr. Burgess and Mrs. Margaret Wade
Drs. Thomas and Lola Windisch

FRIENDS (Up to $499)
The Rev. James and Mrs. Renee Haney
Ms. Karen Heinrich
Ms. Valerie Ann Herrera
Dr. Randy and Mrs. Michele Hickle
Mr. Martin and Mrs. Dawndi Higgins
Mr. Tom and Mrs. Brenda Higley
Mr. Bobby and Mrs. Lisa Hiracheta
Mr. Steve and Mrs. Debbie Hurt
Mr. Russell and Mrs. Brenda Hutcheson
Mr. Greg and Mrs. Christy Hutchinson
Mr. Dino Jones
Mr. Matthew Leesman and Mrs. Lisa Britton
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Sally Loden
Mr. Shaun and Mrs. Lindy Long
Mr. Nathan and Mrs. Laura Lowe
Mr. Carl and Mrs. Vicky Luckenbach
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Bambi Lutrick
Mr. Steve and Mrs. Debbie Maines
Mr. Buck and Mrs. Debbie Maples
Mrs. Janet Martin
Mr. Matt and Mrs. Elizabeth McGinnis
Mr. Mike and Rev. Paige McKay
Dr. Terry C. McMahon
Ms. Leslie Mellinger
Mr. Neil and Mrs. Jennifer Moore
Mr. Harry and Mrs. Cindy Morris
Mr. Victor and Mrs. Jenel Munoz
Mr. Ethan and Mrs. Kailea Murphy
Ms. Sally Murray
Mr. Barry and Mrs. Kathy Orr
Mrs. Becky Parker
Mr. William and Mrs. Karen Phillips
Ms. Donna Pitcock
Mr. Jamie and Mrs. Lee Price
The Hon. Brian and Mrs. Abby Quinn
Mr. Bob and Mrs. Shawndi Ricks
Mr. Floyd Ridenhour
Mr. Stan and Mrs. Angela Robertson
Mr. Bob and Mrs. Lynn Rodgers
Ms. Patricia Rogers
Dr. Randy and Mrs. Lisa Rozean
Mr. Matt and Mrs. Pam Ryan
Dr. Rob and Mrs. Beth Schmid
Mr. Jack T Seymore
Mrs. Cindy Shepherd
Dr. Phillip and Mrs. Irma Sizer
Mr. Byron and Mrs. Tiffany Smith
Ms. Shelly Smith
Mr. Edward Smith
Mr. Matthew Streseman
Mr. Rick and Mrs. Cindy Taylor
Mr. Bill and Mrs. Vicki Teakell
Ms. Debbie Thompson
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Celeste Thompson
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Carol Thornton
The Rev. Dr. Robert and Mrs. Maurine Tobin
Mrs. Valerie Tucker
Mrs. Kayla Van Den Heuvel
Drs. Surendra and Kamlesh Varma
Ms. Kristen Waters