Thank you to these hard working ladies that planned and orchestrated an outstanding Virtual Legacy Event this year.


Guests attending the Legacy Virtual Event were invited to contribute toward the purchase of new iPads for ALL students.  The school announced a new effort to raise funds that will provide an iPad for every faculty member and all students K-12.  Our goal is to ensure that every student has easy access to technology to do their work.  The iPad is a great tool to help students create, communicate, collaborate, and think critically – all skills that are needed to thrive in today’s world.

Many thanks to all those who have contributed to the iPad fund thus far. Approximately $89,150 has been raised and additional funds are needed.  We are asking every family to consider contributing to this effort that will directly benefit so many students and teachers.  The school is expected to need $175,000 to purchase the necessary number of iPads and protective covers.

The benefits of iPads for parents and students are many!

  • No need for parents and students to share devices
  • The school will manage the devices and install apps as needed
  • Teachers and students will have the same equipment/learning will be more effective
  • Students will receive training
  • Students can continue work while ill or traveling
  • Parents can set controls & limits outside of school
  • iPads can be tracked and managed remotely if lost or stolen

Thank you to the following families that have already donated to the Technology Fund!

Barbara Allsup
Tricia Anderson
Christina and Robert Barritt
Emily and David Bateman
Ann and Frank Bumstead
Krista and Matt Bumstead
Jennifer and Ryan Burkett
Keelee and Ben Burkholder
Cami and Thomas Callahan
Penny and Clint Carpenter
David Chapman
Patty and Mark D’Alise
Michelle and Brent Fuller
Priya and Harvinder Gill
Ann Graham
Kacee and Nathan Harvey
Alexandra and Arthur Hernandez
Jennifer and Tom Howe
Caroline and Jason Janes

Somer and Jeff Jaynes
Ali and Shawn Johnson
Tish and Joseph Keller
Kristen Walton Kendrick
Becky and David Kerby
Amy and Chase Key
Janice and Craig Lampe
Angie and Chris Lane
Emily and Bruce Latta
Elizabeth and Mike Massengale
Dayna and Zach McCutchin
Paige and Mike McKay
Amanda and Zane Mead
Jessica and Dustin Miller
Heather and Clark Mooty
Carla and Brad Moran
Rebecca and Michael Moss
Jeni and Matt Nichols

Sunni and John Osborne
Dee and Ralph Paone
Lauren and Justin Pinkston
Stephanie and Kirk Rogers
Brandy and James Rose
Pat and Bill Russell
Shelly Smith
Kara Zetzsche-Smith and Chad Smith
Diana and Chris St. Clair
Trey Stoffregen and Michelle Ensminger
Cindy and Rick Taylor
Melissa and Greg Thompson
Nadene and Roger Tipton
Valerie and Tim Tucker
Teresa and Alejandro Verdugo
Carolyn and Will Wilkerson
Shelli and Matt Wolfe
Beth and Brax Wright

To contribute to the iPad Fund, please click on the Legacy link provided here or contact Celeste Thompson in the Advancement Office: or (806) 745-7701

To contribute to the iPad Fund, please click on the Legacy link provided here or contact Celeste Thompson in the Advancement Office: or (806) 745-7701.