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The Private Schools Interscholastic Association is a Texas statewide organization that sponsors academic and fine arts competition in 19 events for students in grades 1-8. On February 25, the district meet was held at All Saints and we put forth a strong team with 70 students who competed in 131 contests. Here is a list of our competitors and how they fared at the competition. Students in BOLD will go on to compete at state.

First Grade:   Anna Belle Needham Storytelling (1st), Anuva Iyer Creative Writing, Gurvir Gill Creative Writing (6th), Louis Hughes Storytelling (4th), Nanaki Dhaliwal Creative Writing

Second Grade:  Breanna Simons Creative Writing (1st), Jacob Moss Storytelling (1st), Mathematics Joshua Oyenuga, Creative Writing (5th), Piper Whittenburg Creative Writing (4th), Riley Crawford Storytelling

Third Grade:  Anna Lipe Spelling (1st), Ready Writing (6th), Ella Helton Storytelling (4th), Katy Jane St. Clair Music Memory (4th), Lia Liu Ready Writing (5th), Spelling, Music Memory, Mathematics (6th),  Nate Bumstead Music Memory (1st), Octavio Cervera Mathematics (2nd), Reya Felton Spelling (2nd), Mathematics (5th) Sebastian Cervera Storytelling (2nd)

Fourth Grade:  Calista Conklin Prose Interpretation (1st), Cason Kerby Spelling (5th), Ethan Min Number Sense (2nd) Mathematics (2nd), Hannah Harvey Maps, Graphs, & Charts (2nd), Art Memory (3rd), Jess Gaines Number Sense (1st), Ready Writing (2nd) Spelling (1st) Mathematics (1st), Noah Garcia Number Sense (2nd), Reese Wolfe Maps, Graphs, & Charts (1st), Sara Alalawi Mathematics, Zaid Kharrat Spelling (6th), Listening Skills

Fifth Grade:  Brooke Payne Prose Interpretation (2nd), Listening Skills (1st) Spelling (5th), Caden Mead Number Sense (6th), Cooper Locke Listening Skills (4th), Emme Hocker Ready Writing (5th), Prose Interpretation (3rd), Maps, Graphs, & Charts (6th), Harry Roberts Spelling (4th), JJ Keyton Mathematics (5th), Jeye Johnson Listening Skills (2nd), Ready Writing (4th), Maps, Graphs, & Charts (5th), Kennedy Franklin Number Sense (2nd), Mathematics (2nd), Maps, Graphs, & Charts (4th), Olivia Needham Prose Interpretation (1st) Impromptu Speaking 7, 8 (2nd), Rohan Felton Number Sense (1st), Mathematics (1st), Spelling (3rd)

Sixth Grade:  Abigail Barritt Maps, Graphs, & Charts (1st) Ready Writing 8, Bilal Kharrat Prose Interpretation (5th), Impromptu Speaking 7, 8 (4th) Listening Skills, Campbell Howe Ready Writing (2nd), Chloe Conover Ready Writing (1st), On-Site Drawing (6th), Diego Cervera Number Sense, Mason Dawson Maps, Graphs, & Charts (4th), Mathematics (6th), Razanne Malki Prose Interpretation (3rd), Ready Writing Mathematics (5th), Rowe Osborne Prose Interpretation (4th), Listening Skills (6th), Sara Carothers On-Site Drawing (4th), Scott Sanford Science (1st), Spelling (1st), Dictionary Skills (2nd), Tanusha Nath Number Sense (1st) Spelling (2nd), Vocabulary (1st), Mathematics (1st), Science (6th) 

Seventh Grade:  Alex Mercer Prose Interpretation (4th), Ashby Whitaker Listening Skills (2nd), Ready Writing Maps, Graphs, & Charts (4th), Dictionary Skills (3rd) Avery Wisniewski Science (1st), Number Sense (4th), Grant Cannon Science (2nd), Harrison Hensley Number Sense, Kalvy Thompson Ready Writing Maps, Graphs, & Charts (5th), Kevin Beasley Mathematics (1st) Number Sense (2nd), Calculator Applications (6th), Prose Interpretation, Layla Alalawi On-Site Drawing (1st), Ready Writing (3rd)

Eighth Grade:  Alex Bilodeau Number Sense (2nd), Mathematics (3rd), Andrew McClure Science (2nd), Number Sense (4th), Ash Bumstead Mathematics (2nd), Calculator Applications (3rd), George Lipe On-Site Drawing (1st), Maps, Graphs, & Charts, Graham St. Clair Prose Interpretation (3rd), Impromptu Speaking (3rd), Laura Carothers On-Site Drawing (2nd), Noura Malki Ready Writing (2nd), Spelling (3rd), Olivia Rector Ready Writing, Sebastian Whitaker Vocabulary (1st), Dictionary Skills (1st), Listening Skills (1st), Science (3rd), Sydney Locke On-Site Drawing (5th), Vincent Paone Calculator Applications (4th), Listening Skills (4th), Yash Mittal Number Sense (1st), Science (1st), Mathematics (1st)

All Saints finished first in the elementary division with 515 points and first in the middle school division with 628 points. With this great showing, All Saints will have 37 students representing the school in 54 contests at the state meet at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth on Saturday, May 6. The PSIA district meet could not have been successful without the tremendous support of the All Saints community. In order to hold this event, we needed to provide more than one hundred volunteers to act as contest directors, judges, and graders. We also provided a concession stand throughout the day for guests as well as a hospitality room for volunteers. Thank you once again to all the teachers, parents, and high school students who took time on Saturday to help run this wonderful event. Patriot volunteers made all of the difference in the success of the district meet! We look forward to the state competition at TCU in May!